Join Today! Sign in. Community Home. Sign in Join Bucks County Trolley Company Report Flag as out of business Flag as not a local business Flag as under new ownership. Zencog Bicycle Company. Jacksonville, FL Bicycle Shop. Specialty Events. Our Ideal Customer. We love people that Love bikes, Pretty simple. Everyone is welcome. Zencog Bicycle Company Jacksonville Fl Us. Every ride is an adventure.

Bikes are a magic sparkly bond in a community: a common interest, a shared recreation, an immersive transportation option, a rallying cry, and a public health initiative. For all those reasons and a few otherswe decided to open a bike shop in our favorite neighborhood. Come visit our Riverside bike shop any day of the week! Recommendations Received 2. Ann George. Daniel Mandoulov.

Cancel Delete. Zencog Bicycle Company Jacksonville Fl Answers. I am thinking of getting a credit card reader. Any recommendations? Looking into the future of receiving payment, If you get a credit card machine make sure you want what comes with it.

First, two or three calls a day from merchant services, its super annoying. Secondly, high lease fees, buy one used if you can. Thirdly, absurd and confusing processing fees. I have trained my customers to select Debit as a payment option.

Choosing debit costs a business less. Treat others how you want to Valley Oaks Steak Company treated I'm looking into Venmo for business. Any thoughts? Square has gotten much better.

Pay Pal is super cool if you leave it in Pay Pal and use them as your bank. The fees are very reasonable if you leave it there. Also with PayPal, the funds are instantly available.

Never be in a hurry to hire, making solid great decisions is the best way. When is the best time to go to networking meetings: mornings, lunch time, or afternoons?

Especially if there is coffee involved. Make meetings fun and build the relationship between you and your colleagues. I will go through the call backs periodically until I feel like they are unresponsive, up to three calls per client.

I keep dated notes on each estimate or work order. If the customer is satisfied or has found help elsewhere I let them know that we are here to help when they need us. Are you memorable with your clients? We better be because, when we sit down at a cafe or bar you will be sitting next to one of our customers.

The conversation that we wanna have is how awesome we are and not how we messed up. We have not had to develop a referral type of system but we do have a local business incentive. How did you get into doing what you are doing? Sometimes if you have enogh time they work well, not good for spur of the moment events.

I think the best way is to reach out personally. Customer service is all we have. We love our customers and they love us. Yes it can be this simple, Help people, we are all in this together. My opinion about POS systems is that they all have there ups and downs.

I would Zencog Bicycle Company Jacksonville Fl a POS system that works well in your industry. We are using Light-speed Retail. Quickbooks got us started but it lacked much of the Quickbooks got us started Zencog Bicycle Company Jacksonville Fl it lacked Seo Company West Palm Beach of the detail that I was looking for in a point of sale.

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ZenCog Bicycle Company - Jacksonville, FL (904) 619-0496

At ZenCog Bicycle Company in Jacksonville, FL we have bikes and also accoutrements from outstanding product lines and brand names. We are proud of our community and want to support local businesses as much as we have been supported. We make it a priority to include a number of locally-grown and manufactured models in our shop.…