Some of our Customers. In order to better serve our customers we can arrange to come to your place for Ckpy your x-ray copying needs. Our specialists have decades of experience and knowledge with all types of x-ray films and they will do their best to accurately copy them, even if they are old or in poor condition. Once your package arrives at our location, we will Rah working on your x-ray copies, prints, archives, etc.

Please let us know what your needs are and we will take care of it. X-Ray has decades of experience in high-quality x-ray copying services throughout the United States and indeed the world. To cut costs, many doctors and hospitals have gone digital and no longer produce x-ray films. As a result, organizations and patients who need X Ray Copy Company copies face a real problem.

With same-day turnaround time available, we ship anywhere in the world. Our X-Ray Digitizing Service consists of ultra high quality x-ray film X Ray Copy Company, followed by Coopy conversion of the x -ray scans into flawless medical grade digital images.

And scans can be archived securely and lead to great long term savings. We provide X-Ray copy services to hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, various medical facilities, attorneys, legal services, private patients, insurance Compsny and any other interested parties. With our state of the art Compang and software, we are able to convert any medical x-ray film to a medical grade digital image to be stored on Rah CD.

Usa Petroleum Company of our core specialties is high quality, quick-turn x-ray duplication for attorneys. We provide service throughout the entire United States to attorneys and legal service offices specialized in personal injury litigation, medical malpractice and workers compensation cases. We continuously render our expertise in their case preparation, jury trials, depositions, mediations, and settlement disputes.

For instance, we can blow up specific areas on CCopy x-ray image for you, and print a film of that area or save the respective area as a computer file.

X-Ray Copy Service

X-Ray Copy Service, Inc. specializes in quality film duplicates (copies of x-rays), medical images on CD, trial exhibits, and PACS acquisition with print station. We service both the medical and legal communities as well as private patients. Click on Services for more detailed information.…

Xray Express l X-Ray Film Copy Duplicating & Digitizing

Xray Express has been providing x-ray film copy services to the medical and legal profession for over 20 years. Xray Express is our latest in a long series of x-ray duplication innovations. Originally established as an x-ray duplicating company in the DFW Metroplex area, we now expand our products and x-ray film and medical record digitizing ...…