Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Frankly, no one Freelancer Company In India. But would Google have become the online search giant it is today if it was still named BackRub?

Worldwidf we had to guess: Probably not. Naming a company is both an art and a Worldwide Company Names Nmaes happy accident. Originally named Cadabra—after the magician phrase, "abracadabra"—founder Jeff Bezos knew he needed a new name after a lawyer misheard him over the phone and thought he was saying "cadaver. Not only was it "exotic and different," like his own venture, but it was "the biggest in the world," just like the aspirations he had for his then-tiny company.

Though founder Phil Knight Cokpany less than enthused, he relented for the time being, saying "I guess we'll go with the Nike thing for a while. Originally called BackRub, the search giant got its name through a fortunate misspelling. While brainstorming names which would evoke the "immense amount of data" their site would be indexing, a fellow graduate student at Stanford, Sean Anderson, suggested "googolplex.

However, in searching for the availability of the domain name, Anderson accidentally typed "google. The drink now known as Pepsi-Cola was first created by drug store owner Caleb Bradham in Made from sugar, water, caramel, nutmeg, and other natural ingredients and additives, the drink, then known as "Brad's Drink," caught on like wildfire.

After finding great success, Bradham sought to rebrand the drink in to appeal to a wider audience, settling on "Pepsi-Cola. In a interview with The Seattle TimesStarbucks co-founder Gordon Bowker revealed that, contrary to popular opinion, the name actually has little Worldwide Company Names do with the identically-named first mate in Melville's Moby Dick. Instead, a friend, Terry Hecklersuggested offhandedly that words beginning with "st" were Wordlwide "powerful," thus sending the two on a hunt for good names beginning with "st.

Personally responding to a question on QuoraSpotify co-founder Daniel Ek revealed that the music streaming platform got its name from a bit of miscommunication. Brainstorming names for the company with fellow founder Martin LorentzonEk Namss one of Lorentzon's ideas—shouted from a separate room in their flat in Stockholm—as Spotify.

Finding no hits for the name on Google, the pair registered the domain "a few minutes later. According to their website, Kleenex's name dates back to the company's first product, the Kotex feminine napkin. Named after its "cotton texture," the Kotex name met company requirements for being "short, easy to say, easy to remember, and easy to explain. In an interview with the LA TimesTwitter co-founder Jack Dorsey Quickie Brush Company that, when naming the social media platform, its founders wanted something that "captured…the physical sensation that you're buzzing your friend's pocket.

Initially dubbed The Haloid Photographic Company, the firm was the first to utilize a method of copying called xerography. Taking the Greek roots xeros for "dry" and graphia for "writing," they named their method of copying dry writing because no inks or chemicals were used. Invented by Dr. John S.

Pemberton inCoca-Cola ostensibly gets the "coca" and "kola" in its name from the one-time use of coca leaves and kola nuts in its formula. The specific formulation, however—along with the elaborate Cpmpany typeface—come from Pemberton's bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinsonwho suggested "the two C's would look well in advertising. Founded in Quincy, Massachusetts, inthe beloved coffee chain was originally called "Open Kettle. It's stuck ever since.

Founded in by Danishman Ole Kirk KristiansenLego is an abbreviation of the Danish words "leg godt," meaning "play well. While the name has since been termed an acronym for "Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle," the founders maintain that they chose the name as a nod to the "yahoos" in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travelsa race of brutes known to be "rude, unsophisticated, [and] uncouth. Surprisingly, the name has nothing to do with actual bells. Instead, it's named after founder and entrepreneur Glen Bellwho opened his first taco stand, Taco Tia, ineventually opening the first Taco Bell in Downey, California, eight years later.

To its founders, Bill Gates and Paul Allenthe name Microsoft was an obvious extension of what their company did: create soft ware for micro computers. However, they still kept other, zanier, options in mind, such as Outcorporated Inc. Another important consideration, he said, "was whether or not you could tell someone the name and they could spell it easily. In the s, when Scotch tape was being invented, "Scotch" was a racial pejorative meaning cheap or stingy.

When Scotch's founder, Richard Drewallowed a few car painters to test out his then-unnamed product, one of them complained of its lack of adhesion, allegedly asking Drew, "Why so Scotch with the adhesive? According to the company's website, North Face's founders— Douglas Tompkins and his wife Susie Tompkins Buell —"thought this name reflected [the company's] mission and American Multinational Food And Beverage Company to the extreme.

Why is it Namws McDonald's when the company's founder's name is Ray Kroc? Before building McDonald's into the empire it is today, the name belonged to a small drive-in in San Bernardino, California, operated by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald. After redesigning the establishment to focus on burgers, fries, and shakes, Kroc took the lead in franchising the company, maintaining its original name in the process.

Founding his first hamburger restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, inDave Thomas planned on naming it after one of his five children. After cycling through all five names—Melinda, Pam, Lori, Molly, and Kenny—and Worldwide Company Names Woorldwide unsatisfactory, Thomas ultimately decided to name it after his daughter Melinda's nickname: Wendy.

Melinda, aged eight at the time of the company's inception, had apparently been given the name by relatives due to her inability to say her own name at a young age. So, Mattus went about putting together "a totally fictitious Danish name" which "would attract attention, especially with the umlaut. When The Gap was founded in by Donald and Doris Fisherit focused on targeting younger consumers hungry for new products.

In Compaby to the brainstorming sessions many other companies go about to decide on a name, Kodak was the result of one man's fancy. Its inventor, George Eastmanexplained that the title was solely his doing: "The letter 'K' had Vestige Company Turnover a favorite of mine," he said, and so he tried out "a great number coordinations of letters that Us Mega Million Company words starting and ending with 'K.

After acquiring the telecommunications company GTE inBell Atlantic renamed Compay Verizon, a combination of the Latin veritasfor truth, and "horizon. Previously known as National BankAmericard, founder Dee Hock conceived Nakes the name Visa to denote the card's universal acceptance. Not only is the name intended to remind customers of a travel visa, thus hinting at foreign access, but it is also, according to Compay website, "a simple, memorable name that is pronounced the same in every language.

The "I" and "K" stand for the founder's initials, while the "E" and the "A" refer to the farm he grew up in, Elmytard, and the small nearby village of Agunnaryd.

According to co-founder Janus Friisthe service was initially going to be named "Sky peer-to-peer," in reference to its peer-to-peer method of communication and the fact that it was wireless. Worldwixe, this got whittled down to "Skyper," until company discovered that the accompanying domain name was already taken.

While initially, "the name didn't make sense to many people," according to Friis, it now "seems to kind of work. After visiting an Army base in Louisiana to test the vehicles, one American journalist, Jo Chamberlinwrote that the vehicle had acquired "a dozen pet names such as jeep, peep, blitz-buggy, leaping Lena, and panzer-killer," among others.

Given the options available, Worpdwide no surprise which name stuck. In the summer ofa coach for the University of Florida's football program asked a group of university physicians to find out Worlxwide so many of their players were suffering from heat-related illnesses. The researchers, coming to the conclusion that it was due to the player's failure to replenish electrolytes lost during workouts, concocted a liquid they hoped would adequately compensate for what the players had sweated out.

Given the university's mascot—the gator—they decided to name the resulting liquid "Gatorade. All Rights Reserved. Open side menu button. Who knew that "Pepsi" is a reference to indigestion? By Alexander Breindel August 20, Read This Next. Goats on their corporate lawn? The real story behind the NCAA basketball tournament's bankable nickname.

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