Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' Winter And Company Piano by cwittFeb 17, Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Need information about this Winter piano Discussion in ' Audio Hardware ' started by cwittFeb 17, It is a Winter and Wintefit has a Unitized Construction label by the serial number and White Whale Company Wiki on the lift up key cover it has in a Compxny with a check mark and Emper.

Anyone know anything about what year it was actually made and whether it's a decent piano or not. I can buy this for cheap and want to, but would like to know if Adn has had Wintdr problems with a piano of this type.

Location: Danbury, Ct. Some Wijter I found, Winteg you did to already. This company's Winter And Company Piano Position in no small way could Wintter attributed to its open-minded approach to new methods and improvements and in its genuine interest in producing fine pianos.

Winter had a reputation Pixno progressiveness which resulted in beautifully toned, and styled pianos of long durability. This is the company that introduced the Alumatone plate; developed Practiano, a device permitting piano practice without disturbance to others in the room; and the Resotonic Scale.

The Winter factory is self-contained with a large lumber yard for storing and air-drying kilns to insure proper drying and aging of all wood parts. The veneers used in the Winter pianos are carefully selected for beauty of figure and a completely equipped veneering department with hot plate presses, automatic glue spreaders, veneer dryers, taping and matching machines insure productive efficiency and permanent bonding.

In the case shop, elaborate sanding machines, as well as Winter And Company Piano staff of hand sanders, guarantee smooth rich finish. All Winter piano cases are double filled and stained before best Compzny lacquer is applied to produce the handsome, durable finish.

All exposed internal wood parts are filled and sealed to protect against moisture and atmospheric conditions. In stringing, action finishing, side-gluing, regulating and tuning, experienced craftsmen perform these Noam Company by the best traditional hand methods. These men are of long experience. Every operation in the factory is passed upon by an inspector before moving on to the next department.

Finally, each instrument is hand-rubbed, fine tuned, and a final inspection before shipment serves to protect the high standards of Winter pianos. The recognition given by the trade to the Winter line is the best evidence of their muscal excellence, fine quality and attractive designs.

MusicForAllFeb 18, Location: Zagreb, Croatia. Does it look this? The info quoted above sounds as if it came from some long, long out of Winter And Company Piano copy of Pierce's Piano Atlas. Winter was part of the Aeolian empire, and I think it was a pretty middlin' label. Please do yourself a favor and get hold of a copy of Larry Fine's "The Piano Book," which goes into great and helpful detail about the ins and outs of old pianos--at the very least, have a registered technician check the thing out to see whether it is tuning stable.

Many old pianos have worn-out pin blocks and will no longer stay tuned at pitch; only Cmpany finest are worth rebuilding should they have that problem. By the by, is it a grand? If so, be leary of anything shorter than maybe 5'6" from the front edge of the case to tip of the tail. If it's an upright of less than 39" height not including any wheelsrun away.

In a bit of a rush, but one further thought bears mention: no matter how good a used piano Cmpany when new, its worth as a Wintdr instrument NOW depends entirely on how it was used and maintained. Thus, a near-mint Samick may actually Copmany better than a wreck of a Steinway. On the other hand, a Steinway may be worth rebuilding not cheapwhile the Samick probably never will be. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share Winter And Company Piano Page.

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The Winter Piano Company factories were used to build a number of brand names that were controlled by Aeolian at the time. Winter’s most famous contribution to the industry was the “Winter Musette”, the first spinet-style upright piano built in America circa about 1931.…

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Winter & Company Piano Restoration . Due to the mass production of the pianos during the piano boom of the 20th century, Winter & Company, as well as Aeolian Corporation pianos, are not known for their high price tag. An unrestored Winter piano is worth somewhere between $500 to $1,000. Once restored, some Winter pianos can reach up to $20,000 ...…

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This company bought defunct piano companies, some in the above lists, and used the names on their pianos to hide their low quality pianos. Beware-- Check a piano atlas to see if Aeolian bought the piano name of something you are considering buying. Winter- Not Musette Grinnell Conn Lowrey…

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Aug 10, 2010 · I was for a cheap piano and found one that was near me. It's a Winter and Company spinet. Apparently it's in really good condition but i don't want to spend my money on a crappy brand of piano and i can't find to much on it. Does anyone know if this is a good brand? Please no crap about being cheap. My mom and dad aren't buy this for me and its not like a have thousands i can spend.…

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This is a partial list of piano manufacturers. Most piano professionals have access to detailed information about these brands using a Piano Atlas to reference serial numbers, which are used to determine a piano's age using the year a piano was built. This information is often used in piano appraisals.…

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Aeolian - American was the consolidation of the American Piano Company, Aeolian Piano Company formerly Winter & Company, and Weber Piano Company. Factories were located at East Rochester N.Y., Worchester Ma. and Memphis, Tenn. Aeolian probably produced more instruments than any other company in the U.S. Founded as Heller & Co. in 1899, later ...…

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For over 38 years, proprietor Ron Winter has been tuning, regulating, voicing, servicing, and rebuilding pianos for local retailers, universities, music competitions, recording sessions, chamber orchestras, symphonies, and artists’ recitals; and has been the technician-of-choice for local Steinway concert and artist rental instruments.…


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