Although the Yiaco Medical Company Contact Details Company is the name by which it is popularly known, it was initially called the Great Company of English and Germans [1] and would Compamy often be referred to as the Belayim Petroleum Company Petrobel Egypt Company It: Compagnia degli InglesiL: Societas Angliciis.

No medieval source explains the company's name. Init is recorded as having 3, cavalry and 2, infantry. At its lowest ebb init had a mere men. Of these, only the man-at-arms White Company Mercenaries squire were armed. In addition to its military structure, the Company had an administrative staff, usually Italian, of chancellors and notaries who managed the legal and contractual aspects of the Company's relationship with its White Company Mercenaries, and a treasurer to handle its financial affairs.

The White Company is credited with introducing to Italy the practice of dismounting men-at-arms in battle, [12] a practice already commonplace in the battles of the Hundred Years' War in France.

Contemporary witnesses record that Compahy Company fought dismounted Arl Company Products in close order, advancing with two men-at-arms holding the same lance at a slow pace while shouting loud battle cries. The longbowmen apparently drew up behind. The White Company was involved in the following battles [16].

The Company was also involved in a large number of skirmishes, Cpmpany and attacks on towns. Less honourable was their participation in the Massacre White Company Mercenaries Cesena inwhen several thousand civilians were killed. The White Company is the title of a novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle which is very loosely based on the historical company. Companu the Compay company, the main focus of the action is in Spain and the White White Company Mercenaries led by Bertrand de Guesclin to Spain in was also an inspiration.

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Aug 14, 2015 · The White Company made 100,000 gold florins for their night’s work. Indeed, it was the ability to march and fight at night that distinguished not just the White Company but all English troops. Used to harsher weather conditions at home, the Italian nights bothered them little. For all its fame, the life of the White Company was short.…

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Christopher Starr "Medieval Mercenary: Sir John Hawkwood of Essex" Essex Record Office (2007) Fiction. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – The White Company (originally published in serial form in 1891) is loosely based on John Hawkwood and his exploits.…

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The White Company (Italian: Compagnia Bianca del Falco ) was a 14th-century Italian mercenary Company of Adventure (It :compagnia di ventura), led from its arrival in Italy in 1361 to 1365 by the German Albert Sterz and later by the Englishman John Hawkwood. Although the White Company is the...…

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Certainly, twenty-first century mercenaries differ from the brilliant opportunists of the past. Hoare stood in the tradition of the likes of Sir John Hawkwood and his White Company, who became a decisive factor in fourteenth century Italy, prospering grandly amid political chaos, plague, and economic transformation: Today’s mercenary chiefs ...…