I bought the Queen Hair Brazilian Virgin Bundle a while ago and its performance so far has been satisfactory. The pack came with four bundles of lovely tresses, I was amazed at the gorgeous packaging the bundle deal came in.

Did I mention how quick delivery was? My rating for the hair is 4 stars. This is a breakdown of Duluth Trading Company Denver Colorado qualities I looked out for. I call it an investment because it is worth every penny I spent. The hair is shiny, beautiful, and very elegant. It looks very velvety and feels silky to touch. I bought a dark brown colored hair whose shade is very close to my hair color.

All I can say is that the Queen Hair team went all out on this product, as the originality is top-notch. I love to feel clean and smell nice. Therefore, I was a bit skeptical about shopping for hair bundles that will give off a very pungent smell. No one wants to walk around smelling of hair-treatment chemicals. Queen Hair Company Reviews am impressed knowing that this hair does not smell remotely funky.

I have a few bottles of sealants handy to seal off any stray strand. At one time, I used to have hair strands all over my closet.

The previous hair extensions I purchased started shedding immediately Private Company Holiday List 2017 took them out from the Loyal Company. It only got worse and after a month of wearing the extensions, I literally became bald! Are there ladies out there who think it is okay to a bottle or two of detanglers nearby, just in case?

Well, that used to be me. Some of the hair extensions were so bad that detanglers could do nothing to help. My bottles of detanglers are resting peacefully on a shelf in my closetand that is where they will stay because I plan on making this hair Escrow Title Company my all-time favorite.

I am not much of colored hair fanatic. I like to play safe with my color choices and I think the natural dark brown hue is very perfect for my personality. However, I want to cop some good hair dyes and try them out on this hair later. The quality of this product is pretty high-end, I can bet my money on it Queen Hair Company Reviews pretty after being bleached.

One cannot really expect human hair extensions to last forever, but no joke! The manufacturers promised a life expectancy of 12—24 months, I am very positive that the hair will live up to expectations. I use a mild shampoo and conditioner, free of sulfates and silicone to ensure the hair extension maintains its luster and lasts for a very long time. I ordered for this hair just before the beginning of summer. Imagine how anxious I felt before dipping in the azure waters at the beach.

All I had to do was blot out the excess water with a towel and used a hair dryer thereafter. My hair was as Major Safe Company Inc as new.

However, I plan to reduce the way I swim when I have this hair on to avoid stripping off its oils. Queen Hair Bundle Brazilian Hair is a good buy. I love the quality of the hair, the feel, and how glamorous it makes me look. I can boastfully say that Queen Hair Company Reviews hair game is really tight. I will surely buy Queen Hair Company Reviews hair types from this brand and recommend them to others. I wore this hair and there was no form of itching or irritation—of that I am grateful.

Lifespan One cannot really expect human hair extensions to last forever, but no joke! Search for:. Recent Posts.

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