One week before the McKinsey event, a United Nations committee had denounced the mass detentions and urged China to stop. At a time when democracies and their basic values are increasingly under attack, the iconic American company has helped raise the stature of authoritarian and corrupt governments across the globe, sometimes in ways that counter American interests.

Yanukovychrecasting him as a reformer. Once in office, Mr. Yanukovych rebuffed the West, sided with Russia and fled the country, accused of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars. The events set off years of chaos in Ukraine and an international standoff with the Kremlin. Inside Russia itself, McKinsey has worked with Kremlin-linked companies that have been placed under sanctions by Western governments — companies that the Orbit Securities Company Limited helped build up over the years and, in some cases, continues to advise.

It has consulted in many sectors of the Russian economy, including mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, banking, transportation and agriculture. Former McKinsey consultants have gone to work in the Russian companies they once advised.

There is no indication that McKinsey has violated American sanctions, which prohibit only certain transactions with targeted companies and individuals. But the larger question is whether the company, in pursuing legitimate business opportunities abroad, is helping to shore up President Vladimir V.

It also gives the same reason that other companies cite for working in corrupt or authoritarian nations — that change is best achieved from the inside. Kramer, a former assistant secretary of state. His bona fides included two criminal convictions and a rigged election that, many assumed, had finally doomed his presidential ambitions. So it was a bit surprising when McKinsey helped polish the battered image of Mr.

Yanukovych and pitch him as something else: a forward-thinking leader with an economic vision of a better future for all Ukrainians. Manafort, Mr. But McKinsey was financed by the same oligarch who backed Mr. Manafort, and it wrote an economic plan that Mr. Yanukovych wielded to disarm his critics — before discarding much of it after becoming president.

On his th day in office, in a Soviet-era palace adorned with Cossack art, Mr. Yanukovych stiffly briefed the nation, laying out his economic plan. As much as anyone, he was the reason for the gathering, and he had reason to feel good. He had rescued Mr. Yanukovych through a strategy that included hiring two very different consulting groups: Mr. That these two disparate groups found common ground is a testament to Mr.

But for McKinsey, it underscored the risk of consulting in an unstable part of the world, where the company might North American Company Login perceived as enabling autocratic or corrupt governments.

McKinsey provided something different — an economic plan that Mr. Yanukovych could use to portray himself as a market-based reformer, tilting to the West. To ensure that the message got through, Mr. Yanukovych and Mr.

Akhmetov pointedly mentioned McKinsey in talks with American officials, according to diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks. Diplomats remained wary. A respected Ukrainian journalist warned American officials that Mr. There were also questions about Mr. Akhmetov, who had long been suspected of links to organized crime, which he denied. Manafort and McKinsey went beyond politics. He hired both to advise parts of his corporate empire, which included steel, mining, energy, finance, telecommunications, real estate, media, transportation, agriculture and soccer.

He also hired former McKinsey consultants to help run his businesses, Mckenzie Company them Mckenzie Company senior positions. Akhmetov paid Mr. Manafort by wire transfers funneled through a Cypriot shell company, court records show. Other Party of Regions operatives paid Mr. Manafort through shell companies, eventually resulting in his conviction in the United States for failing to declare the money on his tax returns.

McKinsey, by contrast, was paid through a Ukrainian foundation financed by Mr. Akhmetov and run by a former McKinsey consultant now living in Moscow. Set up to promote economic reform, the foundation also sought to publicize McKinsey — and by extension, Mr. To reach its prime audience in the United States, the foundation held two forums on the General Mills Company economy — one at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York and the other in Washington.

Within a few years, Ukraine careened toward economic collapse while Mr. Yanukovych looted the nation, living in a palatial residence surrounded by a private zoo, a golf course, a garage filled with classic cars and a private restaurant in the form of a pirate ship.

If that Mckenzie Company not enough, he was also quietly building an enormous seaside retreatcomplete with foot ceilings and an indoor swimming pool, that eclipsed his presidential residence. The capital soon turned against him. Yanukovych had long promised to tie Ukraine to the West by signing sweeping political and trade agreements with the European Union.

Then he abruptly reneged, siding with Russia instead. Protesters flooded the streets for months, chanting pro-Europe slogans. Yanukovych fled the country in Outraged, Mr. The West responded by kicking Russia out of the Group of 8 industrialized democracies and imposing sanctions.

The standoff between Mr. Putin and the West had begun. McKinsey defended its role in Mr. The foundation quietly folded — without achieving its goals — just before Mr. Yanukovych fled to Russia. Neither Mr. Akhmetov nor McKinsey would say how much money McKinsey earned. Akhmetov, who publicly broke with Mr. Yanukovych during the protests, declined to speak to The Times.

But critics like Anders Aslund, a Swedish-born economist who advised the Russian government in the s and later the government of Ukraine, lamented how Mr. It was clear, he said, that Mr. McKinsey quickly became a favorite of Mr. In a speech last November, Mr. Poroshenko praised McKinsey for its 15 years of work in Ukraine. Meanwhile, McKinsey has continued to consult for Mr. Akhmetov, sharing the top floor of a Kiev office building with an Akhmetov company.

Another Akhmetov company sits a floor below. In fact, Mr. Akhmetov owns the entire building, which Mckenzie Company a business in the lobby fit for an oligarch: an Aston Martin-Rolls Royce dealership. Deep in the Malaysian jungle, a sprawling construction site sits abandoned, the relentless monsoon rain taking Zomm Company toll on the rusting fields of steel girders.

Chief among them is the China Communications Construction Company, a state-owned behemoth whose initials are stenciled Mckenzie Company black on the cement plant at the abandoned site. China Communications, which was barred for eight years from doing business on some World Bank projects because of a corruption scandal, played a leading role in building artificial islands in the South China Sea that have raised tensions with the United States.

But the debt turned out to be such a burden that the Sri Lankan government had to give up the port and hand it over for 99 years — to China. So he Camden Watch Company Review the railway project in July. Mahathir said in September. All the work is hired from China. You can see how one-sided it is. But for McKinsey, it was anything but one-sided.

The company represented both parties involved in the deal. Inas China Communications was building the artificial islands and still under World Bank sanctions, McKinsey signed it on as a client, advising it on strategy. Months later, McKinsey won another contract: this one with the Malaysian government, to review the feasibility of the rail line.

In a confidential PowerPoint report, McKinsey told Malaysian officials that the rail line could increase economic growth in parts of the country by as much as 1. It was a figure that the prime minister at the time, Najib Razak, who now has been charged with corruptionliked to cite. The feeling was mutual. McKinsey justified the project at a time when Mr. Najib was widely accused of corruption, buffeted by street protests over the disappearance of hundreds of millions of dollars from a state investment fund, and badly in need of cash from an outside lender like China.

Mahatir told local reporters that China Communications, which won a no-bid contract for the railroad, may Plumber Company Tap deliberately overstated the costs in order to help Mr. Najib and his allies shovel extra money into the investment fund to replenish the missing amounts. Tony Pua, a Malaysian lawmaker and an aide to the finance minister, said the deal was brokered by Free Company Names Ffxiv hard-partying Malaysian businessman named Jho Low, who Serta Mattress Company Beloit Wi accused of siphoning off hundreds of millions of dollars from the fund and is now believed to be in China, avoiding a Malaysian arrest warrant.

McKinsey says it has no knowledge of any collusion between China and Mr. By Mckenzie Company time China Communications won the bid, its work for Malaysia had already finished, the firm said. But the political backdrop — a government facing crippling corruption accusations and the prospect that Mr.

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