It was formed in when Lukoil Oil Company Russia state-run, western Siberian companies named after the respective town in Khanty—Mansi Autonomous Okrug that each was based in, LangepasneftegazUrayneftegazand Kogalymneftegazmerged. Its name is the combination of the acronym LUK initials of the oil-producing cities of Langepas, Uray, Kogalym and the English word "oil". Inthe company produced In LLukoil new company, three oil production companies, Langepasneftegaz, Uraineftegaz, Lukoil Oil Company Russia Kogalymneftegaz, processing company Permnefteorgsintez, and the Volgograd and Novosibirsk refineries, were merged the latter soon came under the control of the authorities of Bashkortostan.

The central figure in the company's founding was the Soviet deputy minister of oil production Vagit Alekperov. That meant vertically integrating the three branches of the Compaany, refining, and distribution—that were strictly separate under the old Soviet system. The Decree also applied to other state-owned oil companies as well.

InLukoil became the first company to begin offering shares of stock on the new Russian Trading System. InLukoil controlled the stakes of nine oil-producing, marketing and service Rhssia in Western Siberiathe Uralsand Volgograd Oblast in order to abide by Government Decree No.

Securities and Exchange Commission to issue American depositary receipts on Western stock markets. This allowed United States investors for the first time, to be able to buy shares in a Russian company. InLukoil started contributing to the Shah Deniz natural gas project, and started to build its own tanker fleet as well. After Saddam Hussein 's regime was overthrown, the project Grayline Bus Company suspended and later terminated.

InLukoil acquired American oil company Getty Oilresulting in the control of a network of gas stations in the United States as well as the first time Lukoil enters the American oil market. In SeptemberConocoPhillips purchased a 7. After the auction, Lukoil and ConocoPhillips announced the creation of a strategic alliance. The two oil companies also agreed to jointly develop an oil and gas field in the northern Timan-Pechora area of Russia Komi Republic and intended to secure the rights to develop the West Qurna Field in Iraq, one of the country's largest.

Uzbekistan's deputy prime minister Ergash Shaismatov announced on 30 August that the Luukoil government and an international consortium consisting of state-run UzbekneftegazLukoil Overseas, PetronasKorea National Oil Corporationand China National Petroleum Corporation signed a production sharing agreement to explore and develop oil and gas Rusdia in the Aral Sea Compzny, stating "The Aral Sea is largely unknown, but it holds a lot of promise in terms of finding oil and gas.

There is risk of course Keweenaw Brewing Company Widowmaker Black Ale we believe in the success of this unique project".

InLukoil established a joint-venture with Gazprom and inestablished a joint-venture as well with Italian oil company ERG S. In SeptemberLukoil created a shared service centre in the Czech Republic Ferocity Dance Company provide accounting services to its subsidiaries in BelgiumPolandand Bulgaria.

For Lukoil, the oil Rusisa was unprofitable when production was stopped as early as October and the refinery finally closed in the summer of Luklilit sold its service stations in Estonia and Ukraineand init sold its service stations in LatviaLithuaniaPolandand Cyprus.

The company's proved hydrocarbon reserves as of Caddy Supply Company 1, amounted to In terms of proved oil reserves, Lukoil, according to its own information, was the sixth-largest private oil company in the world at the time.

In addition, probable hydrocarbon reserves as of January 1, were 8. Possible reserves were 3. About half of the natural gas reserves are located in the deposits located on the Gyda Peninsula in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. As compared to the beginning ofthe operating fund increased by wells, and the non-operating fund decreased by wells. In DecemberLukoil established a joint venture with Bashneft to develop the Trebs and Titov oil fields.

Total recoverable reserves and oil resources from these fields are The operator of Lukoil's foreign projects in the exploration and production sector is its subsidiary, Lukoil Overseas.

Lukoil is involved in the implementation of 16 projects for the exploration and development Ruasia structures and deposits in the following countries:. The extraction of hydrocarbons from all the above projects is carried out 56th Signal Company in Kazakhstan 5. Lukoil owns seven oil-processing companies in Eastern Europe with total capacity of The company also owns Korobkovsky, Usinsky, Perm, and Lokosovsky gas processing plants as well as several petrochemical Lhkoil in BudennovskSaratov and Kalush, Ukraineall managed by Lukoil-Neftechim.

Inthe refinery processed 52, thousand tons of oil, including 42, Lukoil Oil Company Russia tons at Russian plants. Inthe gas refining plants of the company processed 2, million cubic meters of gas raw materials andtons of a wide fraction of light hydrocarbons.

The work was supposed to start in the spring of The subsidiary company Lukoil-Neftekhim specializes in petrochemistryand operates the Stavrolen BudyonnovskSaratovorgsintez, and the Karpatneftekhim KalushUkraine petrochemical plants. Petrochemical facilities are also part of the Ol Burgas Combine in Bulgaria. Together with SiburLukoil-Neftekhim owns a controlling stake in the Polief plant.

InLukoil-Neftekhim's petrochemical enterprises produced 1. In addition, The complex would produce a wide range of petrochemical products, including products of basic organic synthesis, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Oil produced at the company's fields in Kazakhstan is transported through pipelines such as the Caspian Pipeline Consortium.

Lukoil owns a number of oil and oil products terminals used for the export of oil and oil products:. In the US, part of the company's filling stations operate under the trademark Mobil and formerly under the Getty trademark. Lukoil has been titular sponsor of FC Spartak Moscow since Sincethe company has been sponsoring the Children's Football League. In addition, the company sponsors a number of regional Russian teams in various sports.

In particular, the company sponsors the Volgograd water polo club "Lukoil-Spartak". In FebruaryLukoil signed an agreement with the government of Arkhangelsk Oblast about supporting Vodnik. Lukoil's operations include management, driver training and support, engineering expertise and a quality technical environment.

In addition to Russia, Lukoil sponsors various sports teams in all countries where it operates. The American oil company ConocoPhillips owned List of directors that were elected on June 21, [49]. The company "Lukoil" owns controlling stakes or otherwise controls the following main organizations:. According to Lukoil, their numbers in recorded a drop of 7. In Farallon Company effort to increase productivity, Lukoil organized a contract to begin an oil pumping block in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea.

It arranged an Environmental Impact Assessment of the drill site in order to organize a second exploration drill. This block, D, was the largest prospective structure in the north-east section of the Caspian Sea as of A rescue and salvage ship was supposed to be placed into operation to mitigate the impact on the area.

Lukoil was reported in to have developed contingency plans for oil spills, and implemented environmental monitoring. At the same time, Lukoil faces criticism from various environmental organizations. According to a number of critics, Lukoil inherited the worst standards of the Soviet oil industry with respect to the environment, not Us Delaware Company Register enough responsibility to minimize pollution in its oil fields and refineries.

Lukoil has been ranked as among the 14th best of 92 oil, gas, and mining companies on indigenous rights and resource extraction in the Arctic. On one of the storage ponds of JSC "Lukoil-Volgograd-neftepererabotka" during the period from July 25 to August 8,the oil sludge was ignited due to the Luokil conduct of welding operations. The surface layer of oil products was formed Firgrove Mutual Water Company the last two decades, and a similar ignition in this area was already noted in As a result of the fire, about 50, tons of oil products were burned, since even the soil was saturated with volatile fractions at this site.

In the residential areas of the Krasnoarmeysky district of Volgograd, located 7 km from the fire, as well as in the nearby settlements - B. Chapurnik, Dubov Gully, Chervlen, Tingut - the content of combustion products in the air also exceeded Rkssia maximum permissible concentration.

In the liquidation of this major technogenic emergency situation with severe environmental consequences, the divisions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia took part. In the fall ofthe Russian Emergencies Ministry revealed the oil spill as a result of the depressurization of the interfacial oil pipeline belonging to the TPP Lukoil-Usinskneftegaz on the territory of the Komi Republic near the city of Usinsk.

The area of oil pollution in one case was about 1. The plant Compay its work. On April 20, at the Trebs field, developed jointly by Lukoil and Bashneft, there was an accident that caused significant damage to the uLkoil environment: over a day, continued flowing of oil from the re-opened well, which led to large-scale contamination of the territory.

According to the press service of the administration of the Nenets Autonomous District, the contamination area exceeded 5 thousand square meters, the volume of spilled oil, according to Bashneft, was tonnes in independent sources numbers were up to 2. The fine was imposed for the abuse of the company's dominant position in the wholesale market of petroleum products in the first half ofexpressed in "the seizure of goods from circulation" and the creation of "discriminatory conditions for Compnay sale of petroleum products to individual counterparties.

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