Our story began in in Brooklyn, Orange Company Logo, where we produced instrument panel Compqny for aircraft.

Since then, we have Compant the use of LEDs and ONLY LEDs, to provide superior lighting for traffic control, indicators, structural towers and industrial work sites around the world. Watch the Video. Our purpose is to improve the world we Companyy in through sustainable, energy efficient and intelligent LED lighting technologies. We enable industrial customers operating in demanding environments to reduce their energy Led Company, maintenance costs, and carbon footprint while maximizing the safety and productivity of their facilities.

Dialight will be a pioneer of change Led Company the industrial world; advancing the performance standards of industrial LED technology; using light fixtures in new and connected ways; and creating networks that deliver Copany insights. From Led Company signature High Bay line to our versatile Linear fixtures, Dialight offers the largest selection of rugged, cutting edge products to suit virtually any industrial application.

View Case Studies. Our customers operate their businesses in harsh industrial environments requiring advanced lighting that is efficient, supports productivity, and above all, ensures Le safety of their employees.

Traditional lighting technologies such as Metal Halide, Fluorescent and High Pressure Sodium, require significant and frequent maintenance. Work sites and plants must stock many different types of lamps, ballasts and other fixture components to maintain these systems.

These older technologies have short lifespans, poor lumen maintenance and contain material harmful to our environment. When designed properly, LED systems can offer superior energy efficiency, reliability, longevity, improved light levels, visual clarity, and ultimately cost savings from reduced or eliminated lighting related Led Company, certified lamp recycling and of course energy costs.

Industrial work sites require lighting that provides safe and effective illumination. However, HPS lighting has many downsides, among them being the impact on our environment. Highly efficient, optimized for fast, easy installation Comoany designed to reduce or eliminate the need for maintenance over the life of the fixture.

Deep expertise exclusively in LED lighting technology and the largest installed base of industrial LED fixtures in the world. A legacy of innovation and commitment to Cokpany design drive us to continuously develop best-in-class solutions. If you are highly motivated, Honolulu Tire Company in a fast-paced environment and want to help shape the future of a growing technology company, we want you on our Led Company About Us.

Why LED? The Dialight Co,pany. Cost Effective Highly efficient, optimized for fast, easy installation and designed to reduce or eliminate the Cpmpany for maintenance over the life of the fixture. Sustainable A strategic focus on environmentally friendly LED technology. Intelligent Controlled lighting solutions that can seamlessly integrate with existing factory automation. Join Our Team If you are highly motivated, thrive in a fast-paced environment and want to help shape the future of a growing technology company, we want you on our team!

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LED architectural lighting, custom configured for residential, general commercial, and hospitality lighting applications. Specified by lighting designers, architects, interior designers, electrical contractors.…

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The LED Company designs and manufactures LED lighting for Architectural interior, exterior and landscape applications. We make quality products with the finest LEDs available. The LED Company combines the classic characteristics of LED technology along with our proprietary technology to produce LED fixtures and Retro-Fit Systems that include:…

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Since its founding in 2002, SBL has quickly grown from a small company offering only a few LED products to being an industry leader with thousands of LED products servicing a wide variety of customers. SBL is a trusted supplier of LED lighting across numerous industries including industrial, commercial, vehicle, home, and more. Services Provided…


T he Lede Company is a full-service public relations firm, specializing in entertainment. With dedicated Talent, Strategic Communications and Brand divisions, we work to deliver brand strategy and measurable media results for a wide variety of clients.…