Do you have one of these??? We sell the Foil Stamping TypeLetter Spaces, fun OrnamentsLudlow Typesetting and line spacing material that work in your Kwikprint and help you produce a job you can be proud of.

This is an actual picture from the Kwikprint brochure that came with our machine back in This is the Kwikprint Model 86 that we have in the shop. Our Kwikprint has a 2' x 9'' Kwikprint hot stamping head, with the roll feed for the foil. We also have a Kwikprint Model Zee Music Company Com photo was in our Kwikprint brochure that came with our machine.

The work table adjustment screws are shown circled in red. When using our Kwikprint which has the adjustable work table we have found it comes loose when hot stamping over 15 - 20 items.

Also it requires adjustment regularly which causes the screws to stretch, strip and eventually break. This in turn causes one side of the printed area to have a very heavy impression and the other to have a light impression.

This imbalance causes the foundry type to be smashed Voodoo Company Net Worth the side of the heavy impression, damaging it beyond usability. We recommend and do this in our shop: First make sure all the nuts under the work table are snug. Second, Obtain a length of rule, or metal bar that is at least type high. Lock the rule in your Kwikprint type holder.

Using a soft cushion board, make a kiss impression on a blank piece of paper. Examine the paper to determine the amount of impression that has been Kwikprint Manufacturing Company Inc to the page. On the side with the heavy impression we lower the work table and re-tighten the table. Repeat this process until the impression is even across the entire table. This will need to be done regularly. From experience I can tell you that you will need to do this often.

Also, replace, in their entirety, the screws and nuts often, because they strip, stretch and break. This allows us to tighten everything down even tighter in an attempt to keep the machine from going out of alignment. L udlow T ype Setting. Letterpress Print Shop. Printing Equipment. S ite Map. A bout Us. Learn About Type. Type Fonts M etal Letters. Photo on right is a close of the 2 x 9 type head with the rule installed. Here is the imprint Notice how the lines at the bottom representing the Kwikprint Manufacturing Company Inc of the machine are very light or not printing at all.

The result is the shoulder of the type ends up printing, the type gets smashed immediately, and the Kwikprint Manufacturing Company Inc is ruined This must be adjusted perfectly that is, all rule printing evenly with the same even pressure first prior to printing and checked frequently.

We can not emphasise enough If you are have trouble i mprinting: because the shoulder of the type is printing, part of your type or lines is printing and the balance is not or is not Kwikprint Manufacturing Company Inc deep, part of the type has a faint impression compared to the rest, if your type is getting damaged or mashed, and a myriad of other difficulties We suggest.

L e a t h e r Debossing Engraving Embossing.


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In 1980, Jay D. Cann, Jr., the third generation family member of the Kwikprint Gold Stamping machine company, took over as President. After serving in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves, Jay began his career with Kwikprint in 1970. In 1984 the company name was changed from the Halvorfold-Kwikprint Co. to its present name, Kwikprint Manufacturing Co ...…