When completed, the new complex is expected to be one of the largest refineries in the world, producingbarrels per day. KIPIC is constructing a new world-class grass roots refinery in Kuwait to produce low sulfur fuel oil to replace high sulfur fuel oil used in local Kuwait Refinery Company plants. This refinery uses the latest technology to comply with stringent environmental regulations to protect the local environment, and at the same time produces the latest environmentally friendly ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels for worldwide markets as Ohio Waterproofing Company as jet fuel, kerosene and naphtha feedstock for petrochemical plants.

The Al-Zour Refinery will use a combination of conventional and proprietary licensed hydro processing technologies to convert the light and heavy crudes into low sulfur fuel oil LSFO and lighter products. The scope includes process units, utilities and infrastructure for the new Al-Zour Refinery project. The contract was signed October Peak labor at the site in Kuwait is expected to be 17, people.

COOEC-Fluor delivered modules in 20 separate shipments with a combined weight of 65, metric tons. The final module shipment of 8, metric tons arrived in December at the project site in Kuwait. The Al-Zour Refinery is being built on a greenfield site located south Kuwait Refinery Company Kuwait City and will be one of the largest refineries in the world upon completion.

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Kuwait National Petroleum Company

Kuwait National Petroleum Company is one of the world’s top refiners. Currently it has two refineries, Mina Abdullah and Mina Al-Ahmadi, with total production capacity of 690,000 bpd. It also has gas liquefaction facilities with 2.5 billion SCFPD capacity.…

Al Zour Refinery - Wikipedia

The Al Zour Refinery is an oil refinery under construction in Kuwait, a member of OPEC. The Kuwait National Petroleum Company first released plans to build what would have been the country's fourth oil refinery in May 2006 before construction was postponed in March 2008 due to political opposition. Two years later, however, the government re-approved construction and Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company ……