Welcome to the new International Housewares Association website! First commercial ready vertical slow juicer with Kuvings Company. Reduces the prep time and prevents extra nutritional loss from pre-cutting. Powerful motor is equipped to operate for up to 24 hours making it great for restaurant, juice bar application.

The patented low speed masticating technology gently squeezes ingredients preserving all the beneficial nutrients. The low-speed gear reduction motor operates quietly and keeps the vibration level at its minimum. Q And Q Company drip-free Smart Cap helps to create mixed juice and to rinse between recipes.

All parts are easily disassembled for cleaning. Comes with 3 special cleaning tools for easy clean up. Stylish metal finished body. Read about our redesign Submit Feedback. Hello -- If this is not you log out. Close Login or Create Briefcase. First Name:. Last Name:. Company Name:. Company Address Zip Code:. Email Address:. Confirm Password:. Login Username:. Exhibitors Login here to update your listing and access your message center.

Enter your 861st Engineer Company address and your username and password will be emailed to you. Close Modify Account. Modify Account First Name:. Zip code:. If this is your company, update your listing here. Booth L NUC Electronics Co. Photo Description: First commercial ready vertical slow juicer with 3. Stylish metal finished body Kuvings Vacuum Blender - Creates fresh beverages under vacuum by removing air from the container.

Vacuuming minimizes the air being mixed in with the ingredients during the blending process and maximizes the nutritional value of the beverages. Kuvings Horizontal Slow Juicer - Masticating Slow Juicer This easy-to-use masticating juicer is designed and engineered for health-conscious individuals who want greater variety in their daily juicing routine.

It employs a low speed extraction method 80 rpm for minimal heat build-up and oxidation to retain healthy enzymes and provide longer lasting juices. Powerful heavy-duty motor Kuvings Company efficient low-speed masticating technology quickly and quietly make it possible to juice fibrous fruits and leafy vegetables, extrude pasta, grind coffee beans and spices, mince herbs and garlic, and whip up soy milk.

Comes with seven different nozzles for food processing versatility Improved auto-feeding system Dust cover to help protect the juicer when not in use Silver pearl finish Easy to clean 0. This breakthrough juicer can produce a glass of Kuvings Company juice in seconds and eliminates the drawbacks of high-speed and slow juicers that harm and destroy important enzymes. Use the included blank strainer to make sorbets, or make smoothies with the strainer attachment.

The juicer is equipped with a drip-free Smart Cap great for making mixed juices and quick, easy rinsing between recipes. The BPA-free components help keep the juice free of unwanted chemicals and the patented cleaning tool makes cleanup a breeze. Printable Exhibitor Lists Exhibitors with Booth 's.


Kuvings is a leading kitchen appliance brand loved by health conscious people throughout over 80 countries. We strive to develop the highest quality products that make healthy living more efficient, convenient, and delicious.…

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The health home appliance company Kuvings participated in Internorga, a trade fair in Germany, and showed off its juicers for business use, the Premium Juicer EVO820 and the HealthFriend Smart Juicer Motiv1. Internorga was held in Hamburg over five days from ……

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Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer : Whole apple can be inserted. The patented Technology (J.M.C.S) The world’s first Whole Slow Juicer. With its slow-rotating masticating technology, Kuvings Slow Juicers efficiently cold-presses ingredients and makes 100% natural juices, smoothies, and nut milks with maximum nutrients.…

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Kuvings Australia offers a range of Kuvings Cold Press Juicers, Kuvings Blenders, Kuvings Greek Yogurt Makers and other healthy kitchen accessories for the domestic, professional or commercial user.. Kuvings brand is an International award winner, most recently in January 2016 by USA Consumer Reports for the B6000 domestic model and Consumer choice recommended by Choice Magazine in ……

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About us. Kuvings is the brand for the small appliances from NUC Electronics, Co., Ltd., founded in 1978 and now a leading manufacturer of small specialized kitchen appliances for nutrition and ...…