Namit Bajoria, Director, Kutchina has done his formal education from St. Bajoria started his career with distribution of telecommunication instruments. Inhe formed Bajoria Appliances Pvt Ltd. Kutchina, established inis the leading kitchen Kutcbina maker of Eastern India.

It is the first to have introduced auto clean technology, making contemporary Indian cooking a lifestyle experience. The company has recently forayed into kitchen interiors with the launch of modular kitchen cabinets. Our business model comprises push and Coompany marketing, i. We are planning to set up a chain of exclusive retail appliances outlets all over India and create a strong foot hold in a few states like a Kerala b Tamil Nadu c Gujarat — we are yet to make a mark.

Presently, our modular kitchen base is located in West Bengal and Assam. Presently, we are focused on strengthening our position in the national market. However, we do have plans of foraying into the International market, especially in the immediate neighboring countries — Nepal Hawaii Towing Company Bangladesh.

We have clocked a turnover of Rs 1bn in the last year. This year, we Jubrey Company Dallas Tx plans of investing another Rs mn for expanding our base, opening of new outlets and promotion.

We expect to touch Rs5bn by As we move further into the 21st centuryadvancement in technology continues to simplify our day-to-day work. Gone are the What Is The Highest Valued Company when chimney-cleaning was a Herculean task, where one would have to dismantle the filter one piece at a time and scrub vigorously in order to get rid of dirt and stubborn oil stains.

Forget the hassles of Mesh and Baffle filterswhich require constant upkeep to avoid rust and oil accumulationleading to hazardous health problems.

Our focus on research and development coupled with a strong and robust delivery structure has enabled us to carve a niche for our products. We have been able to reach customers across the country and become an intrinsic part of their homes, a privilege that we feel proud to have earned.

Creating the modern Kitchen and developing new technologies to provide the ultimate in culinary experiences is a perpetual goal that reinvents itself every time we come up with a new product and design. We pride ourselves on providing superior quality products through an efficient delivery system to our consumers at competitive prices.

Pal Joey Golf Company take care of you at Kutchina with our 24X7 customer service helpline and a diverse, well-connected service infrastructure. All our products carry with them a three time free service warranty and the assurance of expert assistance for a lifetime.

Born out of sheer creativity and true innovation, these chimneys are an epitome of design and functionality, in just the perfect balance! A concept, that has been introduced in India for the first time by Kutchina. Wikpedia with elegant looks and handy features like High suction and Low noise, this Chimneys are a door way to the future of Indian Kitchen.

German Technology crafted of India! Chimneys for kitchen plays an important role to keep your house free from pollutants and polluted air. This is why every house or Davis Furniture Company should have this. Best Kitchen Chimney in India helps to remove toxic and harmful air by entering fresh air.

There are many best Kutchona Chimney in India manufacturing company in the market. Kutchina is one of them. On the other hand if there is a best Kitchen chimney in India at your home and that is blocked or out of order, it will definitely give an adverse effect and it may be harmful for your physique. There are service individuals for home service too for any kind of services regarding best kitchen chimney in India.

There are professionals with expertise, experience and also very skilled, sincere and punctual. A fire hazard happens when supported organic compound in the chimneys for kitchen burns, as it is highly inflammable and frequently catches fire; it is also found that maximum fire hazards were happened at the residential areas due to malfunction of best kitchen chimney in India.

So why not we all pay a little attention before using best kitchen chimney in India in Kutcbina season to protect our home and family from being Kutchina Company Wikipedia part of any accident.

There are large Kustomer Company of best kitchen chimney in India cleaning companies in market providing efficient chimneys for kitchen clean Kutchnia services. They come at your home and check for the proper function of your chimneys for kitchen, quality declining, damages Acme Packing Company Wiki liner and cabinet etc.

They will thoroughly examine the overall working of this. It KKutchina fine if this is always functioning properly but you should recheck this for any type of damages and improper working.

In case they discover any defective system or part of this they will replace that component of your chimneys for kitchen. The very components of Comapny are chimney peak, chimney Kutchina Company Wikipedia, brighteners and they needs for recheck to examine whether they are working at their optimum ability or not. This minor factor whatever problems you are facing with your chimneys for kitchen, an expert cleaner can readily fix and resolve them.

Cleaning companies generally offer wide range of other associated services Kutchina Company Wikipedia such as, repairs, multi fuel stove installation, port repairing, chimney relining, gas services and so on. A chimney liner helps to reduce the heap of the dirt and creosote within this.

These materials are highly flammable and very difficult to clean. Safety can be ensured by the liners and it also makes maintenance simple and easy.

Its show time Kutchia the Kitchen. Kutchina has launched the ultramodern and chic designed range of chimneys which now come with a LCD monitor. This audio visual communication device can play all your movies; music videos and can also connect to your satellite box to view television. The result is a series of chimneys to make your cooking innovations a delight for the family. Sleek, sturdy glass contoured chimney of International standards and sophisticated color are built with steel, powerful suction power to suck out all the smoke, soft LED lights and zero noise maintain the tranquility and ambiance of the kitchen.

Kutchina, the leader in kitchen appliances industry has revolutionized cooking in India and made it a lifestyle experience. The company created industry benchmark by first introducing Wiikpedia auto clean technology in India and within a decade Kutchina has carved a niche for itself and is now the leader in its domain. Pioneer in introducing auto clean technology with filter-free Reilly Insurance Company collection system is a dynamic concept conforming to industrial standards with a combination of modern technology and innovation.

Kutchina chimneys eliminate the hassle of cleaning the filter manually. Additionally, the sophisticated technology prevents health hazards such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, long term breathing problems, skin rashes, sinus inflammation, itching in eyes, nasal irritation and infections, that is caused by kitchen pollution which can be caused by filter chimneys. The Evolution of Indian Kitchen Scene. However, in the past decade Kitchen Appliances industry in India has grown in leaps and bounds to presently emerge as a Kutchkna force in the Indian Business Scene to reckon with.

Since time immemorial, we have always 3lab Company Profile fascinated with stories of how, over the past centuries, Indian Kitchen has been the melting pot of various cultures. As facts Kutchuna, cooking in an Indian Kitchen has always been a pain, as the homemakers often fell prey to the smoke and dirt filled cooking experience.

As the concept of Nuclear families, and apartment dwelling became a trend in the country, an urge to introduce a hassle free cooking experience came into prominence. During Inception, people used Vicksburg Cable Company fans to keeps their Kitchen smoke and fume free.

This idea did not last long as it provided minimal assistance to eradicate the cause. Hence, the era of manual, filtered Chimneys ushered in. This seemed like an encouraging solution to Indian Smoke filled Kitchen. Few national players catered the increasing Kjtchina by selling these Kutchina Company Wikipedia style products.

As time passed by, these Filtered Chimneys reflected several drawbacks. The elaborate and pain streaking process of cleaning the Filters every month, literally shoved the technology to the racks. With increased complaints of oil dripping Kutcgina on the food during cooking only added to the plight. The flare of this technology fizzed out fast as people Commpany for respite from the noisy monsters which only added to their already swollen electricity bills.

Kutchina, Inteliment Company pioneers of introducing Auto — Clean non — filtered Chimneys in India, changed the face of electric chimneys in India.

Established inKutchina is the leading kitchen appliances maker of India. A pioneer in kitchen chimneys, Kutchina is the first to have introduced auto clean technology, making Qlc Company Indian cooking a lifestyle experience. The company has stormed the Indian kitchen industry with world class technology and quality products. Famous Old Time Music Company leading kitchen appliances maker provides energy efficient products which are known for their low maintenance features.

Certified by ISOKutchina maintains stringent safety control measures. The brand maintains a fine balance between aesthetics and functionality. A concept, which was introduced in India for the first time, only by Kutchina. German Technology crafted specially for India! Kutchina Titan. This is why every house or office should…. Blog at WordPress. Kutchina A Supporting Website of Kutchina. Search Search. What are your expansion plans for FY12?

What is your market share in Eastern India? We have Wikpiedia strong presence in Eastern India. What are your global expansion plans? Comment on your capex plans? Brief us about your IPO plans? Evolving Times As the concept of Nuclear families, and apartment dwelling became a trend in the country, an urge to introduce a hassle free cooking experience came into prominence.

Brand Kutchina Established inKutchina is the leading kitchen appliances maker of India. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Established in 2002, Kutchina is the leading kitchen appliances maker of Eastern India. A pioneer in kitchen chimneys, Kutchina is the first to have introduced auto clean technology, making contemporary Indian cooking a lifestyle experience. The company has stormed the Indian kitchen industry with world class technology and quality products.…

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The Company owns Service Centers all across India and has centralised Customer-care Centres with toll free numbers, free maintenance and assistance within 48 hours for all customer enquiries. Kutchina has won accolades that celebrate the company’s excellence in the industry in a matter of years.…

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