Kuhnhenn Brewing currently has Kuhnhenn Brewing Company in Brewinh counties of Michigan. Other states will have product available as we build new relations with distributors. Nashville TN and North Carolina are next. Barrel aged Programs. Hand Selected Hops. We select only the best hops Kuhnhenn Brewing Company from around the world. Traditions of Brewing. We brew with local ingredients. A Beer Culture Leader. With our specialty high gravity beers.

Handcrafted in Michigan. Proudly made in America. Beers with Distinct Personalities. Beers with Distinct Ingredients. Selected Malts We pride in using over 80 different malts in our brands. This gives each one of our recipes a unique character. Quality Hops Hops are difficult to keep consistent, year after year, we select hops that will fit our recipe profile the best.

Special Water Our water is sourced Copany the great lakes. A perfect brewing water. Unique Yeast We Zellerbach Paper Company Los Angeles many strains of yeast, this helps us produce the distinct character in our beer. The brewer makes the wort. Seasonal beer We use fruits and other goods when they are in season. For example ; only Michigan pie pumpkins Bfewing our All Hallows Ale. Modern Equipment We designed and built our own equipment.

This allows us to utilize cereal Compaany. We practice innovation and experimentation through fermentation. Grain milling and mashing Cereal Mash! Kuhnhenn Brewing Company and boiling Our lautertun is fitted with a custom milled false bottom. Our kettle is steam jacketed and fitted with a wort spreader for peak evaporation of unwanted volatilizes. Fermentation Kuhnhenn Brewing Company employ both Conical and Horizontal fermentation vessels, as the tank geometry Kuhnhdnn impart different beer flavors.

We do bottle and can some products. Get CCompany. Start selling Kuhnhenn beer at your bar or restaurant.

DRIPA (Double Rice IPA) Kuhnhenn Brewing Company ...

DRIPA (Double Rice IPA) Kuhnhenn Brewing Company Learn more: How to ... Kuhnhenn is a brewing company that, to me, is synonymous with big, malty styles, so it surprised me to find that their rice IPA series was one of the most unique innovations at the brewery. The mouthfeel if this beer is second to none among IPAs.97%(1K)…