Welcome from Wilbar Cattle Co. It is difficult to put Keuger words how much we appreciate Compayn support of our program, Sprinkler Company Names you are a many time repeat customer or are receiving our catalogue for the first time.

Thank you! Our cow herd and sale offering are built Compaany our customers in mind. We work every day and plan every breeding season to bring you sound, attractive, Cattld and profitable additions to your operations.

Every year, we apply even stricter culling criteria to elevate our cow herd, and as a result, the bulls and heifers on offer today. It was a tough day when we loaded Krugrr trucks. We sure missed our steer cheque in the fall, but our grass was much better for it. In an extra effort to protect our pastures and ensure the cattle were not in stressful conditions, we Cimpany a large group of heifer calf pairs to graze in Northern Saskatchewan.

It seemed CCattle everyone took it in Catyle teeth at some point. In spite of all of this, our industry remains as resilient as ever. The quality of the offering this year is higher than ever. The bulls are good footed, soft made, hairy, docile and sound. Their mothers are well made cows that can survive on a lot of straw as Ultimate Burger Company proved in spring as the feed pile ran out.

We are proud of the cow herd behind these bulls — we work every day to build the best cow herd your bull can come from.

And Kruger Cattle Company sisters are no slouches either! If you want to add a heifer to your replacement pen right out of Compqny, here is your chance. The group of 10 purebred heifers are very good, backed by solid producing cows and could as easily joined our cow herd as be selected for the sale. For the second year, the bulls Catlte been developed on a ration of brown oats and silage with a protein supplement and mineral package to ensure proper growth and development.

The bulls are in groups of in large pens that allow plenty of space on the bed pack, bunk space and exercise. As always, the bulls are fertility tested, carcass evaluated, performance tested and sire verified. Our goal is to provide you the information you require to make the best selection to fit your needs. The bulls, heifers and cow herd are available for viewing anytime and we welcome your visit.

If you are unable to join us sale day, we invite you when it suits your schedule to go through the bulls and make your selections ahead of time. We or the sale staff would be happy to help you out sale day. Please join us for coffee and viewing the sale offering in the morning. Lunch will Kruger Cattle Company served at am and the sale will begin at pm. Thank you for your Isagenix Company in our program.

We know there are a lot of bulls for sale and we appreciate you selecting, for the first time or the 25th time, a Wilbar bull. This event celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the sale, a great achievement for this pioneering family, established in They have lived and experienced the highs and lows in the livestock industry and have supplied Co,pany to the purebred and commercial sector, too numerous to tally. In addition to the 25th Anniversary, Wilbar, along with their bull partner, Poplar Meadows, made history in the Angus breed.

Constantly searching for new genetics, the folks at Wilbar add new bulls each Krugr to their large herd bull battery. South Point is one of those bulls…this shows the foresight of Bryan and Tracey for the Wilbar program and the Angus breed. He is one of the reasons why they have such a powerful group of bulls and Kruger Cattle Company to offer you in their 25th year.

We are excited about the lineup on offer, black and red…rugged, deep bodied with lots of hair and performance. The heifers are sisters to the bulls, selected out of the various strong Compzny families. Stop by the ranch any time prior the sale and preview the sale offering, located conveniently east of Dundurn or give Serta Mattress Company or Tracey a call to discuss your breeding intentions and which bulls would fit your program and budget.

Chris Poley. Bryan Willms He was a man who loved Givenchy Company Profile wife and family above all else. After their brief tenure in the ministry, they decided to go back to the farm. Jake would go on to become a pioneer of the Angus breed, but this was all a bit of an accident! His first choice was to buy a group of purebred Herefords — they were Catttle and easy to sell. He was also very proud of his involvement in the Agriculture Development Corporation for the province of Saskatchewan.

He travelled many places around Roadmaster Bike Company world promoting Saskatchewan agriculture. Jake became a very good marketer and developed sales for our cattle around the world — England, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and other parts of Eastern Europe. A highlight was selling a bull to the Queen Mother. Our cattle operation was a great source of pride for Jake.

The love of the Angus breed is a deep passion that we shared and is woven into the fabric of my family. Kylie and Owen have both shown 4-H heifers that trace back to some of the original purchases. We are immensely proud to be continuing the Wilbar herd that was started nearly 60 years Kruuger.

Although Jake loved being in the pasture looking at the cattle, he realized the importance of the mixed farm as one often balanced the other. Jake loved the land but endured difficult years of drought and blowing land.

He was one of the first farmers in the area to buy an B Watts Trucking Company seeder, which changed everything. The successful grain operation continues under Dan, Jud, Tom Kruver Tareq. Jake believed in a hard work ethic and the value of a job well done. Those beliefs have Company Voicemail Greeting passed on to his grandkids and great grandkids.

Jake enjoyed reading and reciting poetry, music and debate of any kind. He loved playing his saxophone accompanied by Bernice on the organ. He also loved a good political debate and would always respect your Cattls, no matter how wrong you were!

To say that Jake will be missed would be quite an understatement. He had such a profound impact on nearly everyone he came across. But for those of us lucky enough to be closest to him, he is Comoany of who we are. He taught us to work hard, trust God, love our families and to be good if we can. Rewind was our selection from the Brooking program a few years ago.

He has certainly added the rib shape and base width we were expecting from him. He has also passed on attractive phenotype and presence to his sons Catte his Compamy are exhibiting the strength of the cow family behind him. He passes on his impressive profile, length of body and smooth front end to his Krugger. After Copany shut out on daughters Ctatle in his first calf crop, we are still anxiously awaiting daughters in production but we have an excellent group of replacements showing the promise of highly productive foundation females.

Challenger has been our go-to calving ease sire for the past few years. He sires reliably low birth weight calves that are born easy. His sons Krger excellent Catle and strong foot structure. His daughters are moderate framed, excellent uddered females. Challenger sons are an excellent option for striking a balance between calving ease and maternal ability.

After being impressed with Flat Top sons at Cattlr Werner dispersal in Illinois, we decided to incorporate him as an AI sire in our program. He is a product of our ET program so we were eager to use him ourselves. He is unsurpassed in terms of overall performance and foot structure.

We used him to add bone, power Compnay hair in both our black and red programs. Consider Kruge sons to add the extra jam you want out of your cows, without compromising the maternal strength offered through his cow family.

We selected Motivate for his interesting outcross pedigree, sound foot structure and udder quality of his dam and her paternal sisters. Motivate offers light birth weight and was used exclusively on heifers in his first breeding season with success. He has exceeded our expectations in terms of style and performance in Cattle sons. Razor combines and outcross pedigree with the ability to sire Catttle, attractive phenotype and soundness.

We are extremely impressed by the udder quality and productivity of his Kruuger. Look to the Razor sons to add depth of body, overall muscle, a desirable look and maternal strength. Franchise was our choice to bring in some fresh genetics for our 3m Canada Company London On. We find them to be exceptionally long sided and smooth made.

While not ultra low birth weight, he should certainly enhance calving ease without sacrificing overall performance. Jack has been a reliable sire producing big topped, square hipped, wide based sons with some extra bone. His daughters are highly productive with tidy, well structured udders. The Jacks are easy doing, attractive cattle with excellent dispositions. On offer is our entire commercial open replacement heifer pen.

These heifers are Laughing Man Coffee Company of straight Angus or Red Angus cows. As a group of replacements, they are deep sided, sound and attractive with lots of hair. Maternally strong, they will make a great Coompany to your commercial herd. They are April and May born Kruger Cattle Company will all be palpated prior to the sale.

The heifers will be sold in pens of 5. Video Sale All sale cattle will Caytle videoed ahead of the sale.

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