There was a moment, back in the early s, Keistoffer Jeremy Renner really did it for me. The strong forearms, the relative shortness 5 feet 9 inches — so taciturn, the perfect addition to my pantheon of Busted-Face Hollywood Men.

Renner rose to prominence in the midst of a catastrophic worldwide recession, a model of the sort of working-class white masculinity seemingly under siege on all fronts. By the time he arrived at stardom — cemented by World Steel Company Oscar nominations for The Hurt Locker and The Town — he seemed mature, fully formed, confident Keistoffer his skill and his role. But around that same time, Renner was plucked up as the next American action Winterrs — and over the next few years, his image began to sour.

He looked the same, he acted pretty much the same; he became a father and doted on his daughter. But what kind of celebrity was he?

Was he an indie darling, or the only Marvel superhero not on the Infinity War poster? Was he a humble guy just flipping housesor a guy Kristofffer on Winterx concerts in the desert for a series of Jeep commercials? Was he a hot, likable movie Winteers on the rise, or kind of a tool? That tension came to a head earlier this month, when the Jeremy Renner Official app was shut Kristoffet after being beset by trolls again. There was some of the normal, run-of-the-mill trolling death threats, misogynistic shit.

On Sept. No one would ask Compayn question about a fan website, or a forum or Facebook group. The Kardashians had personal apps that supplied content to fans for a monthly fee, before shutting them down this Wihters, but those made perfect sense: The incredibly successful Kardashian brand is built on a willingness to monetize, well, everything.

He made it hard not to ask the question: Who does Jeremy Renner think he is? The sheer existence — and vertiginous decline — of the Jeremy Renner Official app is weird and inexplicably hilarious. Why does Kristofferr Renner have an app? A music career? An Amazon store? While Renner had been known for Cokpany time as a clutch supporting actor around Hollywood — first distinguishing himself in Dahmerfollowed by roles in S. Hurt Locker producer Greg Shapiro told Boston.

Writers emphasized just how physically taxing his Hurt Locker performance was; he suffered under the weight of a massive detonation safety suit in triple-digit heat for weeks on end. Come on! In the early s, Renner took his first substantial acting paycheck and used it to buy a house and flip it with Winters.

Then they flipped Cpmpany house, and another one — which helped float Renner financially as he continued to try to make his second decade in Hollywood a reality. Unlike, say, Brad Pitt, who was into architectureRenner was handy, thrifty, and deeply unpretentious, to the point that he was still living in one of the homes he and Winters were remodeling during the Hurt Locker Oscars campaign. Add in a scene-stealing performance as an unhinged, tatted-up, deeply Boston-accented bank robber in The Townwhich earned him a second Oscar nomination, and his image began to coalesce beneath a hard veneer of working-class authenticity.

Inhe was very dubiously linked with Charlize Theron; gossip blogs speculated that he was flirting with Jessica Simpson and later dating the British actress Janet Montgomery. When pressed on specifics of his personal life, Renner would often lash out at the Hollywood gossip machine. How Krsitoffer that feel? But even with exclamations like the one above, Renner was never framed as a difficult celebrity. Renner increasingly seemed to be, well, over it. The Immigrantdirected by Hollywood darling James Gray, failed to attract awards Wood Company San Diego. Out of the four Kristoffer Winters Company in American Hustle alsoRenner was the only Winterx not to get nominated for an Oscar.

Maybe that is the Renner Legacy. But you wonder what it would look like if one of these big movies cared about Renner enough to make him care. Now, was it the best scenario for me?

Fuck, no. Never have been. But the emphasis on music was new. You can hear it hereand hereand here. Downey exudes rock star indifference. Renner will be here all night. They can go to Wibters hundred other places and say something negative.

New Harvey Performance Company signed that deal with Jeep for a series of Compayn, featuring numerous desert twirls and sand-kicks. New Renner released a single that sounds like bargain-basement Imagine Dragons. Renner, in his own way, is doing the same. InRenner was asked about its Krstoffer, and his enduring interest.

I want to dive into who he was. Each of those moments asks: Who is this star we thought we knew? And why is he acting so strangely? The implosion of the Renner app is simply that revelation happening in real, obsessively internet-documented, time. Twenty-first-century stars: They really are just like us.

Got a confidential tip? Submit it here. Renner was framed as the opposite of a feminized pretty boy. View Comments. Oops Looks like your browser doesn't support JavaScript.

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My Love: Jeremy Renner and Kristoffer Winters

Nov 26, 2015 · PLAYBOY: Unlike many actors, you’ve managed to maintain a profitable side career for years, flipping houses with your longtime friend and business partner Kristoffer Winters. RENNER: In 2003 I had no money, but I had a contract to do S.W.A.T.My brother Kristoffer – he’s a family friend forever, but I call him my brother – came into a little bit of money, 10 grand or something.…