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Kreg Cutting Solutions - Kreg Tool Company

Cutting Solutions. Kreg Cutting Solutions offer easy ways to make the straight, accurate cuts you need to create quality projects. They transform your ordinary circular saw, miter saw, band saw, table saw, or jig saw into a precision cutting tool that delivers accurate, repeatable, professional-quality results every time.…

Kreg Joining Solutions - Kreg Tool Company

A Kreg Jig® makes it easy for anyone, from the beginning DIYer to the advanced woodworker to the professional carpenter, to create rock-solid wood projects and to make strong, long-lasting repairs. All you need to succeed is a Kreg Jig®, a drill, and a handful of Kreg Screws®. With several models and types to choose from, though, you may need some help selecting the Kreg Jig® that’s ...…