What a time to be alive and eating through L. Yup, some of the topping combos are curious, but we enjoyed the adventure. The Golden Potato pizza is topped with potato wedges, big slabs of bacon, ground beef, tomato Koreatown Pizza Company Menu, mozzarella cheese, Value Chain Of Life Insurance Company, onion, mushrooms, and sour cream.

Our favorite part of this was the irresistible crust. The Gold Crust is stuffed with sweet potato and topped with a crispy cheddar cheese. We were surprised, however, by one topping—a swirl of ranch dressing.

But somehow it works. The Mexican flavors make it feel like an oversized open-faced burrito. When this pizza comes to the table, the aroma of a big sweet cookie slaps you in the face. Though the Meatheads pizza is piled high with meat and cheese Italian sausage, chicken, ham, pepperoni, ground beef, bacon, and mozzarellathe crust is mocha flavored Koreatown Pizza Company Menu stuffed with cream Lotus Company Products, and it gives off the scent of a freshly baked mocha cookie.

By the way, KPC serves all-day breakfast, in pizza form. The Morning Glory is made with scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, cheese, bell pepper, layers of hashbrowns and a hashbrown crust. Pro tip per the kitchen staff: this pizza is best with added sriracha. Out of all the specialty pizzas, the Golden Greek pizza felt the lightest of them all. The balsamic is tart, the feta is tangy, the bell peppers are sweet, and everything tastes super fresh and balanced. The Patty Cake is a cheeseburger on a pizza.

It tastes a lot like cheeseburger from In-N-Out but with bacon. The Kingsley has everything you need for a real KBBQ experience—meat, banchan, and all—but on a pizza. There are two versions of this pizza: regular and spicy. It has the same toppings as the regular version but it packs heat. This pizza is beyond extra. The spicy, meaty, and sweet flavors are intense.

Besides being super tasty, the Kingsley is a lot of fun to eat. How can you not enjoy pulling apart an onion blossom? Our favorite pizza, the Lady and the Champ, is essentially a big bowl a pasta on top of a giant piece of bread. Stay on top of the latest in L. Sign up for our newsletters today. Kobe Bryant Best of L. Los Angeles Magazine. Steffi Victorioso. Dining Food Rankings.

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