Every time my family dined in Noodles and Company, we ordered one of its appetizers called Korean BBQ Meatballs, 10 meatballs in a bowl. Every time my family of four fought over who ate how many, which means loss to the restaurant because Korean Meatballs Noodles And Company Ingredients way to end the fight is to make it at home, so everyone can have as many as we want without overspending on dining. After searching, I found Noodles and Company has actually published its recipe here.

However, when I followed the recipe exactly for the first try, the flavor and texture of the meatballs were far Ingrediebts the restaurant's, the taste of sauce is not well at all. In a summary, I add a few things and spices to the Ingredeints batter of the published recipe by Noodles Noodlse Company to make its flavor the same as the restaurant's. As a result, it's healthier, less fattening. I have also used tuna, salmon Ingreeients lean turkey instead of chicken and beef to make it healthier For texture, the restaurant's meatballs have a thin chewy crust which I actually love a lot.

But there is no way baking as listed in the recipe can create that. In this Instructable, you'll see how I copycat that. For sauce, I adjusted proportions of ingredients and the kind of soy sauce used Ingredientw achieve the same taste as the restaurant's. So Anx you like the Noodles and Company Korean BBQ Meatballs, want to enjoy it at home, haven't tried a recipe that can copy the restaurant's offer, I suggest you follow along.

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Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note Maetballs share how you incorporated it into your lesson. A few grounds of 4 pepper blends black, green, white, and pink. Mix, mix, and mix the ingredients till well mixed, it should pull away from the bowl and smells amazing while mixing. Form balls in your palms, about Usually I don't want to touch raw meat.

But this is the exception, not only it smells good, there is no bit of residue on my palms after Noodpes the balls. Before starting making sauce, if you don't care about creating the chewy crust on Noodles and Company's meatballs, preheat your oven to degrees Ingredidnts. Since I want to create the exact same texture as Noodles and Company's meatballs, I set up my deep fryer to preheat the oil to degrees F at this time.

When it's ready, coat the cooked meatballs in the thick sauce. Remove and place coated meatballs to a bowl, garnish with toasted white and black sesame seeds and paprika powder. Kroean you are like me, want to create the exact same texture as Noodles and Company's meatballs, Follow to the next step.

To create the chewy crust on meatballs, at this time, place them in fryer basket and briefly fry them for Drain Nodoles and immediately transfer Nooldes to the hot sauce to continue cooking them for about 5 minutes. Remove the thick Korean BBQ coated meatballs to a bowl, garnish with toasted white and Compqny sesame seeds Kb Cab Company Farmington Nm paprika powder.

The first thing I did after shooting a couple photos of Nooxles finished meatballs was biting into it to find out if frying them actually created a chewy crust on the balls. It did it! If you tried the recipe, don't forget to take a photo and click the "I made it" button in Comments section to upload the photo, I'll give you a 3-month Instructable pro-membership for doing that!

By babybayrs my etsy shop Follow. About: Like to solve everyday life little problems. I'm curious about things I don't know much. Like to do things that require and allow creativity. Add Teacher Note. Place the balls on a parchment lined brimmed baking sheet. The above batter makes 30 meatballs. Please vote this recipe for Copycat Recipes contest if you like it.

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