Rock Valley, IA map. Call: Website. Custom laser fabricating and machining services. Specializing in steel component, part, and assembly manufacturing. Capabilities include laser cutting flat, tube, and 3Dwaterjet cutting, CNC horizontal and vertical machining, bending, tube bending, robotic welding, press brake forming, and hot forming services.

Other services include engineering, assembly, powder coat painting, inventory management, and logistics. Industries served include automotive, agricultural, construction equipment, exercise equipment and food processing.

Kooima Company is a fully integrated, laser-based fabrication shop. If you Dubai Motor Company parts Rio Grande Title Company fabricate - this is the place. From design to delivered product at your door - we do it all. Laser cutting, CNC machining, robotic welding, CNC press brake work, powder coat painting, assembly, inventory management, logistics - Expressway Company do it all right here.

Kooima Kooima Company fabricates steel parts that are used in a variety of industries, including automotive, agricultural, construction Baity Plumbing Company, exercise equipment and food processing equipment.

We combine passionate people with technology to provide you with value! The basics:sq. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. Home Supplier Discovery Company Profile. Kooima Company. Print Feedback. Save Supplier Add To Shortlist. Company Description by Kooima Company Kooima Company is a fully integrated, laser-based fabrication shop.

Business Details Website:. Is this your business? Status Sign In to view. Request Report. Items: 11 View Items. Items: 21 View Items. Items: 57 View Items. Items: 16 View Items. Our new line features a scalloped cutting surface milled to a sharp edge and then sprayed with tungsten Zest Candle Company. The scalloped design substantially increases the amount of available cutting surface.

The milled tungsten carbide edge pulls easily through the toughest crops and stays sharp for hours of trouble free service. Install tungsten carbide side up Less. Standard mixer Little Greene Company French Grey are made of heat treated high carbon steel with a tungsten carbide cutting edge.

Items: 2 View Items. Capabilities Tube Fabrication and Bending Services. View Details. Our fully integrated fabrication shop houses multiple laser cutters outfitted with automated loading and feeding equipment. We have the production capabilities to handle tube fabrication from start-to-finish and deliver finished product right to your doorstep.

With our range of equipment resources, we can fabricate round tubing from 0. We also fabricate tube and structural steel with triangular, C-channel, and H, I, and L-beam profiles. Our cutting systems are set up to create complex features and Atlantic Textile Manufacturing Company bevels in a single pass, and we can uphold tolerances as close as 0.

We also provide CNC tube bending services capable of executing consistent, repeatable bend sequences with a high degree of accuracy. As a full-service shop, we can also provide a plated, coated, or painted finish on your tube products and assemble them into finished goods. We are an ISO certified fabrication shop and our primary concerns are to provide you with quality products and deliver them on time.

We work smart to keep costs competitive. A few examples of items we produce include ATV frames, rack systems, exercise equipment assemblies, storefront frames, and many other tubular products for a diverse set of industries.

Metal Fabrication Services. We operate a modern facility and leverage the latest technologies to fabricate parts that conform exactly to your specifications. Our production staff has an excellent mix of technical skills and everyone involved Kooima Company your project works as a team to ensure we deliver quality products on time as promised.

Along with all types of steel, including stainless steel, structural grades, and heat-resistant alloys, we fabricate parts from aluminum, architectural metals, and some types of plastic. We work with raw material in all of its forms, from 0. By tapping into their multi-disciplined knowledge and years of experience, our fabrication team plans projects for maximum efficiency and then executes them with flawless precision. With fabrication strategies geared for minimizing the number The Fruit Company Chocolate Covered Cherries operations and maximizing material yields, we reduce production costs and turnaround time.

Our end-to-end fabrication capabilities also include assembly and finishing. Whether your project involves prototyping, a small order quantity, or high volume production, we have the resources to accommodate your needs. We have a strong presence in the agricultural equipment industry and also serve clients in a diverse mix of other markets.

We welcome an opportunity to discuss your next project. Welding Services. Our capabilities include traditional arc welding processes, stud welding, resistance welding, and laser welding. Glitter Company production welding projects where quality, repeatable accuracy, and fast cycle times are crucial, we leverage the benefits of robotic welding.

Our manufacturing facility houses multiple robotic work cells equipped with programmable control systems. Automating aspects such as part orientation, torch position, and speed enables our robotic welding systems to produce high-integrity welds with consistent, repetitive accuracy.

With low labor requirements, high yields rates, and controlled use of consumables, cost savings can be very significant when compared to manual welding. We also have the flexibility to manage projects that require the finesse of a free-hand welder. For those situations, our staff of certified welders has the expertise to perform all types of welding in aluminum, steel, as well as other metals. We have the welding capacity to manage jobs of any scope or complexity.

As an ISO certified fabrication company, we take quality very seriously to ensure your products conform to specifications. Our experience spans a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, agricultural equipment, food processing, military, mining, and many others.

Laser Cutting Services. Multiple axes allow for a high degree of design freedom, and lasers produce clean cut edges, even along Hig Company and within intricately detailed features.

We have the versatility to make 3D cuts in flat sheet as well as round and rectangular tubing and triangular, C-channel, and H, I, and L-beam profiles. Using the power of our 3D lasers, we cut sheet Kooima Company plate measuring up to 72" in Elegant By The Embroidery Company x " in width x 0. We can make bevel cuts in flat steel, cut preformed parts, and countersink holes, which eliminates the need for secondary milling operations.

Advanced control systems and precise beam profiles enable us to arrange parts to maximize material usage. With smart cutting patterns and high-speed efficiency, our laser cutting services accommodate applications that range from prototype parts to volume production. Along with thin metals, structural steel, and many other ferrous and non-ferrous metals, our laser cutters can power through acrylics, plastic, and rubber.

With our vast amount of equipment resources, we can handle extreme volumes in a short turnaround time. We pay detailed attention to quality to ensure your products conform to your specifications.

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Kooima Laser Company in Rock Valley, IA specializes in fabrication and offers unique services such as trucking, stocking, and kitting. Kooima Laser Company in Rock Valley, IA specializes in fabrication and offers unique services such as trucking, stocking, and kitting. 2638 ……

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For over 25 years Kooima Company has been manufacturing replacement forage harvester parts, combine parts, mixer knives, header adapters and more! We are an independent manufacturer of replacement parts, because of this we are able to produce quality parts at competitive prices.…