The Kohler Company, a privately held corporation, founded in Sheboygan, Wisconsin inwill halt engine production in the Village of Kohler and shift the work to its Hattiesburg, Mississippi facility. Up to people will be hired at this plant, at reduced wages, over the next two years, according to the company.

Kohler Co. Meanwhile, Mississippi has the highest poverty rate in the United States, according to the Census Bureau, with The elimination of the Sheboygan County engine production lines will take place in two phases, with one line expected to be shut down by September and the other to follow by the end of the year.

In order to entice workers to stay on the job to the bitter end, paltry incentives are being offered. Tayloe oversaw the newest labor contract that was negotiated ahead of schedule in December In order to head off any possibility of joint action with theGM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler autoworkers whose contract is set to expire in Septemberthe UAW worked with Kohler to push through a deal that ensured continuing profits at the expense of the workers.

The UAW is despised by large sections of its Kohler Company Wisconsin and is currently mired in a long-running corruption scandal that is being investigated by the FBI. Top UAW officials have spent union Lee Company Indiana lavishly on themselves, while accepting bribes from the auto companies. This cozy relationship with management was on display in Sheboygan during the November strike and subsequent sellout of Kohler workers.

In the contract negotiations, the membership forced the UAW to call a strike which lasted for 32 days, as over 2, workers rejected a sellout agreement negotiated by the union. As rumors began to swirl in September that Kohler would be shifting engine production to Mississippi, the UAW hurriedly worked with the company to ensure there would be no repeat of Before finalizing the agreement, the company and Local reached an understanding that Kohler would be consolidating its engine manufacturing in Mississippi.

These two separate tiers will remain throughout the life of the contract, Tayloe acknowledged in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Of the positions to be eliminated, of Kohler Company Wisconsin are production jobs within the engine division.

The enforcing of this wage-cutting operation is what the UAW bureaucracy offers to companies. The trade union acts as Embedded Software Developer Company labor contractor on behalf of the company, ensuring worker opposition is stifled.

These new jobs are not guaranteed and even if a worker is hired on, there is no mechanism in place to ensure the worker maintains previous wage levels. We must expand our work and our influence in the international working class. If you agree, donate today. Thank you. Kohler Company Wisconsin Socialist Web Site wsws. Contribute to the fight for socialism in has been a year Kohler Company Wisconsin mass social upheaval.

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