When you're Wyatt Koch, the flame-haired heir to a billion-dollar fortune, the sky is the limit. You can do whatever you want—including launch a brand of egregiously bold shirts. These shirts are They are the wallpaper from Pee-Wee's Playhouse made real. They are shirts in the same way Pop Rocks are food. Annie Smith, the founder of Tusk Marketing—which has handled press inquiries for the brand since day one—calls me back. Smith has known Wyatt for a long time—their dads worked together closely for three decades.

We've got a lot of really positive feedback and a lot of orders. All of the designs, including the moneybag version seemingly copied and pasted from Scrooge McDuck's inner monologue, come straight from the mind of Wyatt, Smith says. A small sampling of those whimsical ideas: multi-colored shamrocksa money-green shirt covered in dollar signsand the sensibly titled "edgy cube" shirt.

Or he lives down here in Palm Beach, so one of the shirts he has is with palm trees all over it, like neon-colored palm trees. At first she said she wasn't sure, but then came back to Koch Brother Shirt Company question and told me, "He lives in Palm Beach and it's obviously a very affluent area, so a lot of those people have a lot of money and they want to show it off. This is one of the ways you can do that.

At the moment, every single shirt at Wyatt Ingraham is on sale for a hundred bucks. That might contradict what Ford Motor Company Contact Email said about the business's success, but it's possible the brand is ramping up for the new season.

Wyatt's been frustrated with the quality of available fabric in Koch Brother Shirt Company past, Smith tells me, but after landing on an Italian cotton he's finally got them to where he wants them. Because the whole idea behind this line is: be bold.

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