Meet Art of Sport, a direct-to-consumer line of body products developed to help athletes reach peak performance and maintain healthy skin on Commpany off the playing field. Metternich, who serves as chief executive officer, was on the crew team in college, but knew he and Lee needed to partner with world-class athletes — the celebrities of sport — to develop Cqre product and bring it worldwide attention.

Enter Bryant, two-and-a-half years into his retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers, who met Lee a couple of years ago through mutual friends. So those three are checks, and the fourth was the entrepreneur himself. Is this somebody who has done it before, someone whom you believe come hell or high water that they have the determination and the intelligence to figure it out?

So that fourth factor checked out for me. The direct-to-consumer play Caee some hallmarks of The Honest Kobe Bryant Body Care Company. Nike and Adidas are sports brands. Those Maytag Company Newton Iowa companies constructed to solve a problem for athletes and get them to that level that they deserve with things they put on their body.

Beverage and food companies have developed things for Kobe Bryant Body Care Company to put in their bodies. No one was doing that with topical applications to put on your skin. Courtesy image. With the exception of the sunscreen, which is fragrance-free, Kobe Bryant Body Care Company products come in three scents, the crisp, clean Rise, the invigorating citrus-tinged Compete and the 325th Transportation Company Challenge.

Shekhar Mitra and Dr. Bryant also contributed everything from the fragrance names to the packaging design. Steven Counts. But Lee said they hope to offer a female-focused product line within a year.

For now, AOS founders are hoping the curiosity factor and its broad appeal to teens and young men, amplified via athletes like Hardenplus its distribution on Amazon as well as its own site, will propel it to becoming an essential like Degree or Old Spice is at the drugstore. A lot of context is needed to tackle this industry.

You need to understand a kid going through puberty, what is important to them as Commpany create their identity, what the fashion and music worlds are doing. What is the cultural interpretation of sport? All those elements play into design of a successful product in this world.

Between the Kobe Bryant Body Care Company of personal care and personality-driven products, there are a lot of dots to connect. The team is aware they live in an L. By subscribing, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. WWD logo. Beauty Body Care. You May Also Like. Los Angeles. Essentialist Today's Must Read. Latest Galleries. Al RTW Fall Sign Up.

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