Comments Skip to site navigation Skip to blog entries Skip to archive page Skip to right sidebar. Is this Target's answer to Free People? That's what came to mind as I reviewed Knox Rose in my mind. Some pieces are definitely stronger than others like the Aztec print cardigan above or the faux fleece vest which I can't find online yet. All items seem to be available in plus-size, too, which is awesome news for shoppers.

Prices seem on par with Target's other in-house brands like Mossimo and Merona. I like the sweaters with unique cut-outs as well as the extra long sweater vests, but will avoid some of the shapeless pieces that just don't flatter, and the super muted tones that can look muddy or just downright inexpensive.

What do you think about Knox Rose? Have you checked it out or bought anything from this line yet? This vest is sooo Zacks Motor Company Ltd you'll be feelin' yourself all day!

Previous Post Next Post. Oooh that all looks really pretty. I love flowy styled clothes and I love that Target is getting so many high-end looking lines for Target prices. I loved the Summer shorts. All 2 pairs I could find! I don't wear these BOHO looking type tops. I hope the whole line is not ditched because the shorts are the BEST! If you can find them. Unfortunately, this line of Fall clothing sat untouched, except for try-on's and the disarray at Target where clothing is concerned.

I suspect low paid staff explains the clothing strewn everywhere, as well as inconsiderate co-shoppers. Please keep this wonderful line. I agree very nice stuff Knox Rose Company a good price. What I saw looked very well made. Lots of styles colors and sizes a great addition for the boho fashionistas. Does remind me of Freepeople But I like these prices way better. Definitely need to get in there and check out the sweaters! I like the new collection! I have to visit the store to try some clothes.

I blogged about this a few weeks ago. From what I can tell, it's not flying off the racks. I also thought it was priced a bit higher than Merona and Mossimo. I bought a multicolored dress and love the length and round neck. I wore it to church. I was super excited to see Knox Rose Company line because I am a huge fan of free people. I rushed to Target to try it on and was disappointed.

The fit was terrible! The bodice was awkwardly above my bust and tight through the shoulders. I tried on a few other long sleeve shirts and they were all too long in the torso. I bought this shirt and loved it so much. So disappointing. I love Knox Rose, but don't, under any circumstances, wash them. Boo hoo. Absolutely love the style of the Knox Rose clothing line. I have several pieces. The only clothing I've bought in months.

Love, love, Keychain Making Company it. Every time I go to Target I check the line out and always leave with something. Oh dear, that bad huh? Thanks for the feedback! I have several Knox Rose items, a couple sweaters, a sweater vest and a blouse. I'm really happy with all my pieces and love the how they bring a Empire Dance Company of boho to my look.

Well I just discovered this line this weekend. I fell completely in love with it. I usually buy a specific brand in Macy's because I am a hairdresser and it fits me pretty well and lasts. I bought 6 pieces of this line and Pfl Life Insurance Company them all!

I thought out of all 6 I'm sure I will only buy one or two but after trying them all on in the fitting room they were all very very flattering. I love Free People and I think I agree it reminds me of this brand. Everything looks like it will wash up very well also. This line is my absolute favorite for the money, style, and fit. Love the style but the sleeves of all the tops are way out of proportion.

They are too small. I wear a side medium top and the medium fits well except the sleeves! I tried on several tops and they all fit the same way. I don't have this issue with any other brands. It's unfortunate because i would buy numerous items if they fit properly. I love the look of Knox Rose, the details. Reminds me of Anthropologie but a lot cheaper.

However, all of the fits are very baggy and boxy. Empire waists If they could only offer some tops with the same details but that define a waist, actually at the wIst, not just under the boobs. That cut makes all people look heavier than they really are. I bought 3 items from this line; a cardigan, peasant blouse, and flowy rayon cargo pants. I took care NOT to put any in the dryer but 2 of them Hana Shampoo Company Name shrunk what seems to be an entire size.

The peasant blouse fit perfectly before I washed it. The first time I washed it, I laid it flat to dry but it shrunk anyways. Same with the rayon cargo pants.

Washed and hung to dry, and when I put them on they had shrunk a few inches at the ankles. The cardigan I also washed and hung to dry and it did not shrink. I've washed and hung it to dry a few times since and it still remained its original size.

Knox Rose is not the only line at Target that seems to have a problem with shrinking. I love the clothes from Target but I think I probably wasted a lot of money on clothes that just shrink.

It's very frustrating! The reason it's not flying off the racks is because it's mixed next to maternity clothing. I'm not pregnant and I thought it was for expected mother's. I happened to buy a dress today. I really think the items are super cute and very stylish. Target needs to move it away from the maternity section. Trust my words! This merchandise will fly out the store once they relocate it. I love love love the cloths. I'm having a hard Paul Russell And Company finding it in stores.

Can I ask where you shop? I was wondering if Knox Rose has a baby line yet. My daughter is due in July and she loves through collection so much that her son's middle name is going to be Knox. Which I love. I loved the look of the Knox Rose Purple blue plaid peplum blouse.

Bought it and wore it twice.