In particular, a lot of the feedback we got was about how helpful Know Your Company is for connecting remote teams or companies with several offices. Creating a greater sense of connection in a company matters. Connection between Krystal Company Ultipro increases employee engagement, as well. Another finding from our survey is an overwhelming majority of CEOs see higher employee engagement and a positive impact on company culture as a result of Know Your Company Know Your Company.

Employee disengagement is expensive, as well. The survey also revealed to us how much Know Your Company enables employees to have a voice. When employees are given a voice, they can help you overcome your blindspots as a CEO. But the survey data gives us the ability to objectively say that this is an outcome that a large majority of our customers are experiencing. Another statistic that surprised me was the number of employees who better understand what is going on in the company because of Know Your Company.

This can lead to increased motivation and a sense of fulfillment in their own work. The survey also showed that ease of use is one of the core reasons Know Your Company works so well. Overall, the survey we conducted ended up being formative for us. This way, we can better market our tool we recently built a Know Your Company on our marketing site to address thisand make smarter product development decisions that benefit our current customers we recently built the Agreements featurein part based off feedback we got back from survey data.

Big news! Check out our new product that 1950 Clothing Company managers become better leaders, and get the full story behind our change. Used an earlier version, but moved on? Heard of it, but never signed up? Today's Basecamp will surprise you! It's all-new, thoroughly modern, and unlike anything else. Simplify and centralize around Basecamp instead.

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