We believe in strong imagery when designing logos Cmpany brand marks. We want to tell a story of the brand Compan the first time our target market sees ANY representation of it. Wait, what? Think about it. Next to them is my name: BFD, Inc. Sure, it may look great and be easy to remember debatable.

The harsh reality is that if you are not communicating anything with your branding strategy, the brand is absolutely forgettable. Just remember that there is a line between a mystery and obscurity Knight Company Logo you do not want to cross.

Mackage Company Profile brand has a story. The knight moves differently. While all the other chess pieces move in straight lines forward, back, left, right, diagonal Knight Company Logo, the knight chooses a different path.

The path is often unpredictable. It can be highly disruptive and can confuse the straight-liners. The strength of an individual straight line Compahy remains relatively stable regardless of who is playing the game. The knight, on the other hand, can be Knight Company Logo of the weakest pieces or the strongest pieces on the board. A well-played knight is disruptive, nimble, and efficient. The knight represents our company AND our target market.

Our target market is small- to medium-sized businesses that choose not to be restricted to straight line movements based solely on a predefined food chain. As a group, we strive to help clients achieve success. As a competitor with other branding and website design firms, we also must move differently. To us, this strategy plays right into the hands of the slow Zott Dairy Company high dollar firms. The following two tabs change content below.

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