Are you thinking about joining KLLM? We Trucling opportunities for both experienced professionals Kllm Trucking Company individuals Truckjng starting out in the transport industry. Company Driver Recruitment Phone: Email: kblankenship kllm. Company Drivers Independent Contractors. No NYC or Canada. KLLM is proud to work with student drivers to help you start your career and work for an industry leader.

Students must graduate from a certified driving school with a minimum course length of Clmpany. All students will attend orientation, and then Hmi Manufacturing Company out with a company trainer, before being upgraded and assigned a truck.

Once you upgrade, you may choose your own career path either as an Independent Contractor, Over the Road driver, or a Regional driver if you live Kllm Trucking Company our regional hiring areas.

After upgrade, base pay is as follows:. Independent Contractor Recruitment Phone: Email: kblankenship kllm. Apply Online. Company Driver Vacation Kllm Trucking Company. Driver Productivity Bonus.

Working at KLLM Transport: 195 Reviews

Drove for Maverick transportation for 5 years in temp control division, they sold the division to KLLM transport with only 2 days warning, money is way less and so are miles, not the company I would have chosen, circumstances in personal life have changed so looking to be home alot more, can't stay out for weeks at a time anymore3.5/5(195)…

Working at KLLM: 60 Reviews

Kllm dispatchers are the worst. Preplanners over there are the worst as well. They talk to you like you are their children. Nasty attitudes. They always disrupt your 10hr break with a swap and expect you to get up on time when your 10hr break is over. 34 over resets do not exist if you are a company driver.3.4/5(60)…

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Plus, if you agree to drive for us for one year after you're trained, your tuition is covered by a KLLM scholarship! State-of-the-Art Training: Puts You Ahead in Your New Trucking Career. At the KLLM Driving Academy, we'll train you on the exact equipment you'll be driving as a KLLM truck driver.…