I know there are some fantastic children's designers from the US and Europe and you will find them here as well. I am originally from New Kiwi Company Clothing and feel truly blessed to have experienced my childhood growing Kiwi Company Clothing there. One thing I remember is how tough I was Kiwi Company Clothing my clothes Clothin I was Kiwi Company Clothing kid who climbed trees in dresses much to my Mum's dismay. Fast forward and I have two young boys who are also very adventurous.

I have a deep love and appreciation for labels out of Australia and New Zealand; having bought many of them for my own family, it brings me great pleasure to showcase them here and bring them to you. I plan to focus on supporting and stocking small shop designers where possible as I love that I am helping to support someone's vision Kjwi with my own.

Everything you see in the store has been hand selected with the ability to be mixed and matched with other Huda Beauty Cosmetics Company giving you great versatility. It is my hope that the pieces you buy from The Little Kiwi Co will be passed down for generations to come. Hello and welcome! Thank you for stopping by.

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With every purchase made on this store, not only do you get a high quality, elegant shirt with a cute bird on it, but that money you spent will go to more than our wallets. Some money goes to pay for the shirts and keeping the website running, but the rest of the money goes right to charities, there to protect the Kiwis from extinction. we guarantee that with every purchase, 50% of all profits ...…

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Kiwi clothing is a full service Clothing manufacturer specializing in world class and trendy clothing for Babies, Kids and Teens in the age group of 0-16 years. What sets Kiwi apart from other vendors in the region is our ability to provide clothing solutions in both Hosiery and Woven, thus, giving our customers a wide range of choice. At present the company is 100% export oriented…