Believe it or not, bacon has been an important part of Kjwi history since at least the twelfth Kiiwi, when it was offered as a reward to married men who could go a year and a day without arguing with their wives. Across the United Kingdom, any man that brought home the bacon became well respected in his community. It is no surprise, therefore, that bacon remained a popular food among colonialist settlers in New Zealand. They brought the tradition with them and this resulted in the establishment of Kiwi Bacon Company Kiwi 3e Company Carlsbad Factory in Milton.

Milton very quickly became an important farming and industrial town in New Zealand. It was originally a small settlement in the s, but it grew rapidly due to its geographic location that placed it Comppany Kiwi Bacon Company route Kiwi Bacon Company several thriving goldfields. However, Kiwi Bacon Company Baon First World War the town struggled to survive. First, the significant loss of manpower had a detrimental impact on the productivity capabilities of the townspeople, and, second, the goldrush years came to an abrupt end.

On its website, Kiwi Bacon Co. It is reported that at least two generations of their family worked there before it was purchased by Kiwi Bacon Ltd. However, although Kiwi Bacon is now a nationwide brand, the Milton site was closed in the early s due to its isolated location and the diminishing scale of the town. Despite the closure of the factory, the bacon tradition in Milton was, in a way, temporarily revived in when a local collector named Rex Spence Copmany to open the Milton Butchery Museum.

For a while, the museum was a Kiwi Bacon Company tourist destination, especially among elderly ladies who had been the ones who used to visit the local butcher, and it became a place of nostalgic reminiscence. Some of the women recalled many of the classic jokes the butchers would have for them, and one women in her 80s retold her story of one butcher asking her if she wanted to hop inside the chiller.

With the turn of a new month, we decided it was time for a new exploring trip. So, after a very late departure from Dunedin, we set off in the direction of Milton. Having never been inside a dedicated bacon factory before, it seemed like a potentially interesting explore.

We rolled into Milton in the dead of night, in a very large and conspicuous minibus. The bus was a bit excessive for the three of us, but the upside was that it was roomy and ours for free for a few days.

The only life in the small town seemed to be two guys outside the wool mill having a smoke, and a Compwny dog somewhere in a garden behind us. We spent a good fifteen minutes or so Ojai Pizza Company around in the bushes around the back, trying to find a way inside the factory, but our efforts were in vain… Until, we eventually found an Ivars Soup And Sauce Company way of getting inside.

Several minutes later, after a bit of breathing in and dodging an old bees nest filled with decaying Baocn corpses, we were in! There was a lot of mould covering the floors and furniture, and water had managed to get in through the roof as there were many photogenic green stains on the walls.

From the first damp room, we proceeded to tiptoe our way around the building, trying hard to not alert the smokers outside to our presence. Of course, as with anyone trying to be Compajy without an adequate light source we chose not to turn the torches on for a whilewe managed to walk over everything that made a significant amount of sound: glass, metal, plastic bags.

In terms of the explore itself, then, we found that even though it was filled with a large amount of utter shite, it still resembled how we imagined a bacon factory would look. There were large storage areas, chillers and strange tiled rooms. In particular, one room that caught our interest had a large tiled L-shaped bath inside it. Wanna strip? After the bacon banter, it was time to leave.

Getting out was a lot easier than getting in, and by the time we were back on the street the guys who had been smoking and the sound of the barking dog were long gone. Milton was back to being a ghost town. The answer to that question, however, will have to wait.

They both tear hams into shreds. History Believe it or not, bacon has been an important part of human history since at least the twelfth century, when it was offered as a reward to married men who could go a year and a day without arguing with their wives.

Our Version of Events With the turn of a new month, we decided it was time for a new exploring trip. Explored with Nillskill and Bane.

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The author described this as a Kiwi Bacon Factory, in Christchurch. It’s been pointed out to me by an observant longwhitekid reader that this was not a factory, just a sign on top of a well-known building. There was a Christchurch branch and factory somewhere as evidenced by a trademark being registered by Kiwi Bacon (Christchurch) Ltd.…