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Below Deck. Beverly Hills. Housewives Xiaomi Company Stock. New Jersey. New York. Orange County. Other Shows. Southern Charm. Vanderpump Rules. Orange County rlv. I still think someone should invent a mirror that takes pictures-good pictures. We always think we look best when making certain faces in the mirror, why not let it take that exact picture? Kelly Dodd "I'm going to say this goes way beyond girl code.

So, so, horrible to say to Shanon "That's why your husband cheated on you". I found her Facebook Page. Her social media pages are private. Obviously, she doesn't care what we have to say. I Comoany still voice my distaste on Reddit! I feel like this is the downfall of the newer housewives. She clearly watched a ton of episodes and knew what to bring up for the manufactured drama. Butt ugly. If you want a zombie or whatever this is get someone who can draw to create the art.

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Kelly Meza-Dodd - Net Worth in 2016

Jun 08, 2016 · As of 2016, Kelly Meza-Dodd has an estimated net worth of $9 million. Check out also net worth of Michael Dodd, Jeana Keough, and Jim Bellino. Howeverm Kelly isn’t only a housewife. She works as a chief operating officer at Kiss Me Mirrors, a cosmetic company from Newport Beach. Kelly and her husband Michael have one daughter named Jolie. As ...…