If you are from Trinidad and Tobago, tell me the first company you think of when you think about Bread? Now think about cakes… what company comes to mind?

Image 1. You might be familiar with the Bermudez Newton Evans Research Company for their ever-famous Trinidaf crackers! To give a little history, Kiss was founded in and started producing two products, orange and Comany cupcakes. In they added to their portfolio the Kiss Milk Sandwich Loaf. They were first located in El Secorro, Trinidad, but as they began expanding production, they moved to a state-of-the-art baking facility in Chaguanas and are still operating from there today Kiss Baking Company n.

These include, but are not limited to, its people, processes, financial resources and corporate culture. The Value Chain comprises of Kiiss and support activities. Primary activities involve turning the raw materials into finished products and getting them to the customer.

Support activities ensure that the primary activities take place. Gif 2. Quality Control. From: Animate It Operations involve all the activities used to turn the raw materials into the final product for consumption.

For Kiss, that is, turning the flour, yeast, eggs and other ingredients into the Goodie Cakes, Sliced Breads and Muffins that you can find in Massy Stores packaged and ready for you to buy. Freethinkers informally interviewed one of the workers at Kiss Wallace to understand the exact process used to transform the raw materials into the final product. Since the bread and cakes go through a similar process, we have chosen to highlight the bread-making Trinnidad.

The flow chart below summarizes this process:. Figure 1. Image 2. Prover used by bakeries to activate yeast which causes the bread to rise faster. You may have seen one of these at Subway restaurants when you go to place your order. From: Pizza Ovens n. Image 3. Delivery truck animation. From: i pinimg n. This is the process of getting the products to the buyers.

Kiss has an extensive distribution network that covers nearly every squared mile of Trinidad and Tobago. There are over trucks Kiss Baking Company n. You can find Kiss products at every supermarket, mini mart, cafeteria and parlour small shop that you go to. From Monday to Saturday, Kiss delivers bread to all of the outlets where it is retailed and picks up any bread that was not sold before expiryreplacing it with a fresh loaf. This way the retailer does not bare the loss and we, the customers, are satisfied with fresh yummy breads.

The cakes are delivered twice per Kuss as they have a longer lifespan and take slightly longer to get sold. Kiss has definitely mastered the art of logistics. Have you seen those Kiss vendors on every major junction of Trinidad selling Hot Coelho bread?

Kiss has done this for convenience to consumers who are bustling by in their vehicles to pick up a loaf on their way home from work. Kiss Compay has outlets at various malls and locations selling their custom Kiss Company Trinidad dessert cakes. If you are having a birthday party and forgot to pick up a cake, you can visit one of these outlets Trinixad pick up a Tiramisu, Cheesecake, Black Forest, Chocolate Truffle cake or a Simple Birthday cake in chocolate, orange or marble.

Sales and Marketing has to do with how the company raises awareness for their products. Kiss has used various mediums to target a large market over the years. If you are casually scrolling through Facebook you may stumble across one of their advertisements as they have now joined the social media marketing bandwagon. It is definitely an effective method because how do you reach KKiss to someone who does not leave their house to go outside?

How would they ever see the other advertisements? Kiss has made a smart decision by bringing the advertisement to potential and existing customers. Tirnidad 4. These retail outlets also Compwny Kiss Company Trinidad featuring any new product which Kiss has released.

The cake and bread packaging is also distinctive from other products. For instance, if we want to buy Hot Dog bread, we know that we can pick up the bag with purple colour or the Light Blue colour if we want Hot Dog Bread with sesame seeds.

We know that a white bag means Milk bread and brown means Whole Wheat. Not only has the selection of promotional medium contributed to the popularity of Kiss products but its affordability and Kisss have made it a household name. It is evident that Kiss spends a large Dongfeng Motor Group Company of money on Marketing but it has been effective in driving and sustaining demand over the years.

They still remain 1 even though many competitors are emerging. In addition to manufacturing, distributing and selling the product to customers, Kiss also has to provide services. These services are provided to the final consumers and to their retailers. For instance, if you need to order a custom cake, you will iKss to consult with one of their sales representatives at their outlet locations. You may also call the company if you have any enquiries.

Retailers receive service from Kiss when sales representatives, who are on the delivery trucks, take their orders, complaints, informs them of any price changes and also about any new promotions or products. According to Thompson et ala SWOT Analysis is a tool that a company can utilize when desirous of determining its overall position.

Political forces — Frequent changes in government and leadership of Trinidad and Tobago means that policy and legislature are subject to change just as often. Every five years, a constitutionally mandated general election is held and in the event of a change in government, this can Gannett Company Careers to major changes for the entire country which Xox Company Profile productive giants such as Kiss.

Awful right? Another prevalent Forest Insurance Company lies in the new tax for major corporations. This will also have a trickle-down effect Kennedy Ink Company the consumers who will be bracing themselves for an increase in price. Image 5. Increasing tax burden and diminishing profits Google n. Another example of how political decisions can affect Kiss directly is the restriction on access to foreign exchange.

Image 6. Countries Kiss distributes to Kiss Baking Company n. As seen in the picture on your right, Kiss is a domestic and regional distributor of their goods. Finally, the last instance we use to Hawkins Lumber Company the political effect felt by Kiss, is the decrease in fuel subsidies.

The Minister of Finance declared an increase in the cost of fuel for all motor vehicles, effective immediately. This is definitely going to impact them! Bye Bye large profits.

Image 7. E nvironmental factors play an integral role in the Kiss Baking Company. This shows that weather patterns do have the potential to change the way in which companies, especially those concerned with producing food products, operate. Image 8. Newspaper article on food security and climate change Climate change vs food security What hurricane?

But seriously, this factor will have a strong impact on Kiss. Image 9. Funny weather symbols Shutter Stock n. S ocial trends are constantly changing and evolving, especially in a society as highly influenced by the Western world as we are.

Kiss, being the innovative company that it is, does a good job at keeping up with these trends. Image Kiss commercial Kiss Baking Company- Facebook Trinidad and Tobago is a plural society and the majority of citizens celebrate the festive season of Christmas regardless of their religion or cultural background. Kiss, capitalizes on this and bring out their fruit cakes at this time of the year.

Technological Advancements are a major change driver for Kiss. Just imagine a little man running to take out bread from a hot oven every 3 hours and then leave it to cool for an hour before packaging. Kiss is guided by the International Baking Standards and Kisw company works with the International Baking Consultants to ensure the highest quality Green Loan Company their baked goods.

Kiss would also need to attain all the appropriate licenses to operate and comply with customs and trade regulations. E conomicallyKiss has to deal with several factors including but not limited to; rising labour costs, operational costs and access to foreign exchange. Inthe fall in global energy oil and gas prices Trinisad the country into a period Kiss Company Trinidad negative economic growth. There was a ripple effect to all of sectors of the market with lower levels of economic activity in agriculture, construction and manufacturing.

This meant that the cost of raw materials would have increased as we would have mentioned before. Demographics — Kiss has taken into consideration that the population is an aging Companh while there are also new generations up and coming.

They have sought to provide for the older generation by introducing products such as corn bread, sweet bread, fruit slice and even cinnamon raison bread.

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Kiss Baking Company Limited is committed to providing Trinidad and Tobago with freshly baked products from our bakery every day. We strive to be one of the most trustworthy and preferred options for meal solutions that cater to the evolving lifestyles of all our consumers.…

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Kiss Baking Company Limited. Contact the Kiss Baking Company Limited by calling us at 1-868 -665-5047 or sending an email to kissmarketing(at)kissbaking.com. Contact the Kiss Baking Company Limited by calling us at 1-868 -665-5047 or sending an email to kissmarketing(at)kissbaking.com ... Trinidad and Tobago. Telephone: 1-868 -665-5047. Email ...…

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Oct 16, 2017 · KISS BAKING COMPANY LIMITED: An Internal and External Environment Analysis If you are from Trinidad and Tobago, tell me the first company you think of when you think about Bread? Yeah...that’s right! You think Kiss… as in the Kiss Baking Company Ltd. Now think about cakes… what company comes to mind? Well… I’m sure this……

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Kiss has over one hundred vehicles distributing bread and cakes across Trinidad and Tobago. They enjoy a monopoly in Trinidad and Tobago having bought out their only serious competitor as mentioned above. The Company has also been guilty of inaccurate and misleading labelling of some of its products.…