In an effort to expand their business, the company introduced the Milk Sandwich Loaf to their baking portfolio Caes ; shortly after their name was changed to Kiss Baking Company Limited.

The company has Kiss Baking Company Birthday Cakes expanded its offerings to include a delectable indulgent portfolio of Birthday cakes in its Kiss Desserts Division. To efficiently and effectively service the entire population, Kiss Dessert Cake Division have thirteen Dessert Centres conveniently located throughout Trinidad and Tobago. A swot analysis is a tool where four interrelated categories Kiss Baking Company Birthday Cakes both the internal and external factors that can impact an organisations performance.

Kiss Baking Company would have been impacted with several economic and Kiss Baking Company Birthday Cakes factors e. The fall in global energy oil and gas prices drove the country into a period of negative economic growth. Kiss Baking Company would have been impacted as they source the majority of their raw materials abroad. The government also introduced a new tax for major corporations. Budget Statement Birthsay information is not easily accessed at Kiss, but because of the size and scale of production, it is assumed that this new tax would have directly affected them cutting into their profits.

The Government again decreased the fuel subsidy and given that this company has a highly integrated Distribution Network that services throughout Trinidad and Tobago six days per week, this would have certainly affect them. Social Trends are always showing signs of change and development, especially in a society as highly influenced by the Western world. Changing lifestyle choices means there is a greater focus on healthier food options. These patterns will directly affect customer purchasing propensities.

Despite their size and wide variety of products, Kiss confronts competition from smaller local rivals with regards to specific product offerings such as breads and cakes. While separately these contenders are not ready to coordinate the expansiveness of items offered by Kiss, they do have the potential to hurt individual lines.

They also sell to consumers the convenient co-products such as tuna salads and cheese pastes which offer a full meal in one place, appealing to busy working buyers who may not want to go home to the kitchen to cook.

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