Feel free to reach out to us with whatever questions or comments you might have! Their staff is efficient, professional and courteous to our homeowners and board members. Overall, Kirkpatrick Management Company is an outstanding property management company. I have always been impressed by the professionalism and the leadership Kirkpatrick Yext Company brought to the property.

Recently I was elected as a board member and I have experienced a different perspective on that professionalism and Kirkpatrick Management Company. The knowledge and follow through Kirkpatrick employees provide is essential in keeping Harvard Square the gem of the Southside! They are customer driven and really do care. They also are timely on repairs. They answer questions promptly. The Name Label Company office is always full of smiling friendly faces when I pop in for keys.

Kirkpatrick Management and the boards have always worked as a team; welcoming feedback and suggestions from members and using that feedback to work through major decisions in the board meeting achieving our Kirkpatrick Management Company to keep the property updated and carrying charges low. I am proud to state: Kirkpatrick Management makes you feel at home and you are!!!

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KirkPatrick Management Company - HOA Management

Kirkpatrick Management Company is a family owned management company proudly serving communities throughout the Midwest since 1973. With properties throughout Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio and over 240 employees managing more than 200 communities, KMC is known as a leader in the property management field!…