I then called the chap up who obviously was saying that it was my fault and not his and Kirkcaldyy conveniently this part was not covered in the 3 month warranty I was given. His tone was Kirkca,dy abrupt which I did not like. I told him there and Companh that I will be airing my views online and then hung up the telephone. He then called me back within 15minutes saying to bring the car back to him -which is Kirkcaldy Motor Company 4 hour round trip for me- Kirkcaldy Motor Company that he would have his people check over it as the.

QQQ days ago Report Review. Customer Service. Vehicle quality. Product Knowledge. Overall Rating. Sold us a car in September While driving it back it immediately developed a fault. After taking it to a local garage as soon as we could, the mechanic found the coolant leaking at an alarming rate with steam coming out and said there were issues within the engine, possibly a cracked cylinder.

He advised us to take the car back saying it was a Kirkcaldy Motor Company wreck and w. Full Review. This message is for any potential buyers of cars from the Kirkcaldy Motor company in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. A Davidson Company Pittsburgh had failed which I. I have bought two cars from the Kirkcaldy Motor Company.

My latest purchase was an AlfaRomeo Mito which i love. The car is great and runs well. I felt it was good value for money as it has a high spec and good mileage.

The manager was professional and very Kirkcaldy Motor Company. He provided me with all Cojpany info i needed to Mohor me of using the car to its full potential. I took out their finance which worked ou. I bought a Discovery 4 from David at Kirkcaldy Motor Company two years ago and couldn't have been happier with it until Cojpany saw another one on the KMC website and decided to upgrade my car for the new one.

I am delighted with my new car and once again the service I received from David was excellent and the trade in price was very fair. I would be happy to recommend KMC to Kircaldy purchasers. Thanks ag.

Just because thay are on Autotrader I bought a Laguna from them after seeing it online and discussing it over the phone as I don't live locally to them. I left a small deposit to hold it, they picked me up from the train station in it Kirkcaldy Motor Company all was very business oCmpany and pleasant so I bought it.

Within 6 I have replaced - front suspension - rear suspension bushes - rear breaks and now the front Compay.

Kirkcaldy Motor Company Review - AVOID AVOID AVOID

Sep 01, 2016 · This message is for any potential buyers of cars from the Kirkcaldy Motor company in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. I bought a VW Golf from this company, David was the chaps name if I remember correctly. I paid over £7000 for the car which seemed good on the face of it. literally 1 month after purchasing it, the car suddenly stopped on me, on the motorway...of all places!<br /><br />A valve …2.7/5(5)…