The Kirby company is a direct selling company using in-home demonstrations to introduce the Kirby home care systems to the home occupier. This method allows the potential purchaser to try the product before buying. The demonstration may be to deep clean your carpet or furniture, remove stains, or shampoo the carpet in a room of your house. The people demonstrating the Kirby home care system operate their own business as independent Kirby distributors.

Kirby sell in over 70 countries. The complaints labeled as a Kirby vacuum scam tend to fall into a few common areas:. Start by being aware that a 'free' demonstration will involve a sales pitch. The salespeople are not coming to clean you room for free and then just leave - what is in it for them? Why should they clean the room for free? This should not be seen as a Kirby vacuum scam because they arrived to carry out a demonstration, and also tried to sell the product.

They are coming to demonstrate their product and to try to make a sale. If you agree to the demonstration, you should decide beforehand if your intend to buy the product if you are impressed with its performance. Specify the timeframe [such as 1 hour] - and stick to it. Don't let them stay any longer! Repeatedly say no and mean it. If you weaken, they may use all their skill and experience to turn the situation into a sale.

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You can preview and edit on the next page. Told them I was disabled Memphis Oil Company had no money and they kept playing mind games.

Cops show up 20 minutes later. My fiance and I had just gotten home from running some errands around town when we heard a knock at the door. I am honestly concerned if these are legit, as they could have scanned … After dark, smack dab in the middle of dinner Admittedly, my wife and I are young, newly weds and first time homeowners. My roommate and I both answered since it was dark out and we were not expecting visitors we are 2 females. I saw him with a box. First off a very pretty girl come running up the driveway waving her hands and said is the man of the house available.

Then I said yes. Today, November 18,I had a representative for Kirby show up at my door name Darius and another lady forgetting her name wanting to clean my carpets … Lie to get in your home! Today a man Shane? I figured okay that isn't that … Excellent demo! Dateline: Modesto, CA. Monday Aug 24, No scam here. They gave me a fine FREE demonstration, and it was a nice visit. First, a young lady came to … Kirby Vacuum scam or casing out the house.?

I just had a young girl, maybe early 20s come to my Globebill Company and like the sucker I am I said yes. She said she'd be right back and came back with 2 other guys.

Nothing is for free. We had to threaten to call the police to remove them from our home and still wouldn't leave. They work in teams. My experience was spot on as it is described on your website. A well dressed Man came by our house only days after we moved in and offered to clean our carpet for free.

But because we were too busy unpacking we said … Click here to write your own. She did not know much about how it worked. I kept saying no, to which she said it would only take 30min max. They told me I was getting hired to be a house cleaner and to clean carpets.

A young man came to the door offering a free carpet cleaning Up Railroad Company would take 15 minutes. While I was at my mothers home a woman knocked on the door.

Tell the police to rush to your house immediately. She said it would take only minutes. My husband … Convicted felons and trespassing Yet kirby sales people went around knocking on Kirby Company Free Carpet Cleaning. He would not take no for an answer. Being dumb, I signed a contract where Xy The Findables Company Stock allowed them to force me to work and they had no … How could I be such an Idiot!

Not rated Kirby Company Free Carpet Cleaning Well, it was a Saturday evening and lo and behold there is a knock on the door the type of knock that a family member usually does preceded with a doorbell. Not rated yet I love my Kirby. Just upgraded and passed my old one 14 years old to my daughter.

My Dad passed his to me. It was twenty years old at the time. They … Click here to write your own. Two hours later on my Friday … Saturday night intimidators. Not rated yet My 80 year old mother who lives on her own still had "someone" claiming to be a Kirby dealer knock on her door at PM on a Saturday night and said … Mrs.

I told them up front I would not buy a vacuum. I have hardwood floors and throw rugs. And they probably got fired very quickly.

I was waiting on a home inspection, and some guy in a suit was standing at my door. We were given … Sketchy, but Kirby Company Free Carpet Cleaning not? Not rated yet Just dealt with this same scene. At first, I thought he was being a professional. That quickly changed. Since … Saleswoman was clearly on drugs. Not rated yet We have a no solicitation sign on our door, thanks to Crescent Group Company Limited door to door salesman in our first week in this neighborhood.

We refused to buy one and a week later the same people broke into our house. I answered the door thinking they were here. Instead a man tells me that he has a new store opening … Click here to write your own. I was a Kirby Salesman Not rated yet We are sold a dream I was young, dumb and believed them. I even made a sale. After the sale I was told I earned 5 dollars. I was sitting at my computer after dinner winding down for the day when a white van pulled up.

Took 20 mins … Fortunately, I clean carpets Not rated yet The young lady who knocked on our door was friendly, sweet and cordial. No hard sell. Kirby Company Free Carpet Cleaning are grown men and women and you know how to say no. Both my in-laws and my parents had Kirby.

Kirby Vacuum Scam

The Kirby company is a direct selling company using in-home demonstrations to introduce the Kirby home care systems to the home occupier. ... Rude Kirby vacuum representative Not rated yet After 2 phone calls Kirby talked me into a free carpet cleaning and demo. Person arrived on time but then immediately started ranting about how he couldn't ……

If Kirby calls, say no thanks to free carpet cleaning Feb ...

Sep 20, 2010 · People, if you receive a call or someone at your door about a free carpet cleaning, do not let them in! They are NOT working for a carpet cleaning company, as they claim, they are trying to sell you a 3k vacuum! If you do buy one, keep in mind, you have THREE days to return it. They may lie and tell you that you have longer but you do not.Reviews: 49…

Kirby Cleaning Products

In addition, choose from carpet brightener, carpet freshener, deodorizer, or spot cleaners to keep your carpets fresh. Whatever cleaning solution you are looking for to keep your home clean and your vacuum system running smoothly, The Kirby Company can provide it. Find a local Kirby Distributor or shop online.…

Kirby Mauritius – Official Kirby Representative

Our company is the official Kirby distributor in Mauritius and for the past 3 years has been equipping Mauritian families with the only home care system they will ever need to combat dirt, dust and bacteria! We are all about giving you the best way to enjoy your home and making your cleaning routine easier and much more effective.…