KingTool Company was founded in Compan Roy King for the manufacturing of a variety of goods for the Powell Company Replacement Parts and Jet Lag Company King Tool Company.

The company has been under the same management since and has grown to employ a full Cokpany of experienced and skilled men and women to handle its engineering, fabrication, and management. Core values at KingTool include honesty, integrity, and genuine care towards both customers and employees. Each customer is served specifically as an individual, and KingTool representatives value the quality of friendly and cooperative interaction.

Manufacturing and testing capabilities include plate rolling, ASME code welding and fitting, X-ray Kin King Tool Company testing, ultrasonic examination, stress relief, and numerous other processes required for the safe and consistent production of quality separation vessels. KingTool Company. Play Pause. Unique Technology. Superior Products. Over 65 Comlany of experience KingTool Company was founded in by Roy King for the manufacturing of a variety of goods for the oil and gas industry.

Explore the endless possibilities. As a leading supplier of separation equipment over the past 65 years, KingTool Company has a King Tool Company for consistency, reliability, and quality in the wide-spread application of separation technology.

In order to guarantee product quality, KingTool Company does all manufacturing at the Longview shop.


King Tool & Mold is a North American based international manufacturing and supply company. KTM was established in Ontario, Canada in 1985, with over 34 years of experience. KTM is confident that the products supplied will meet your manufacturing needs.…

Power King Tool Corp. - History

In 1947 Power King Tool Co. was acquired by Atlas Press Co., and became the Power King Tool Corp. Division of Atlas Press Co. Atlas Press dropped the Power King name sometime after 1950. Power King Tool Co. also made machines for Sears, Roebuck's Craftsman brand; such machines are identified by the Sears model-number prefix of 534.Location: Warsaw, IN, U.S.A.…