Everything you need to know about the types and classification of companies. Mode of Incorporation B. Liability of Members C. Control D.

Ownership E. Nationality F. Transferability of Shares G. Public Interest H. Functional Standpoint I. Control J. Nationality K. Formation L. Involvement of Public Money M. Share Holding Kidns. Private Company 2. Public Company 3. Holding and Subsidiary 4.

Associate 5. Listed 6. Foreign 7. One Person. Small 9. Government Dormant Statutory One Person Company Limited by Guarantee Company Limited by Shares.

Chartered Registered or Incorporated Ckmpany Liability Non-Government Cmpany Indian Multinational Deemed to be Public Company Limited Liability. But there Clmpany number of basis for classification of Companies. In Comany computation, the following shall not be included in the number of members:. The additional provisions in relation to private company are:.

The Kinfs provisions in relation to public company are:. It is clear this type of company must have share capital. Companies Limited by Guarantee :. Unlimited Companies :. It is a company incorporated with or without a share capital and where the Kibds liability of the members or shareholders is not limited. So, the liability arises only upon the winding up. Therefore, prior to any such formal liquidation of the company, any creditors or security holders of the company may have recourse only to the assets Kinds Of Company the company, not those of its members or shareholders.

Elephant Car Insurance Company such an event occurs formal liquidationan unlimited company is similar with its counterpart, the limited company, in which its members or shareholders have no direct liability to the creditors or security holders of the company during its normal course of business or existence.

The additional provisions in relation to unlimited company are:. As per section 2 42Foreign company means any company or body corporate incorporated outside India which—.

These documents include certified copy of charter, list of directors and secretary of the company, full address of the registered or principal office outside India and within India, etc. Under the Companies Act, no other formality is required for a foreign company. However, under section 29 of the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act,a foreign company is required to obtain the general or special permission of the Reserve Bank of India for carrying on any activity of a trading, commercial or industrial nature.

The Companies Act, provides a new type of business entity in the form of company wherein only one person may be allowed to form a company. The act empowers Central Government to provide for a simpler compliance rules for OPC and small companies. The OPC is also a private company. But there are certain provisions of the Act and the Rules which are applicable only to OPC and not to all private companies.

The following specific provisions are applicable to OPC:. It has also been provided that nothing in this clause shall apply to:. C A company or body corporate governed by any special Act. The share held by municipal and other local authorities or public corporations are not taken into consideration. As per section Copmany of the Companies Act, All those companies, which operate under the special act passed by the State legislature or parliament, are called Or statutory companies.

These are formed for special purpose by a special act of parliament. Such companies are required to get Compang accounts audited by Comptroller and Auditor General of India and are publicly accountable to the state legislature or parliament. A private company is one which by its Unity Life Insurance Company Of Canada of Association:. Has a minimum of 2 and a Klnds of 50 members, excluding the present and past employees.

Does not invite public to subscribe to its share capital. Must have a minimum paid up capital of Rs. It is necessary for a private company to use the word Kinds Of Company limited after its name.

If a private company contravenes any of the aforesaid provisions, it ceases to be a private company and loses all Kinfs exemptions and privileges to which it is entitled.

Public Company :. A public company means Kinds Of Company company which is not a Comoany company. As per the Indian Companies Act, a public company is one which —. Has a minimum paid-up capital of Rs. Has a minimum of 7 members and no limit on maximum members.

Is not prohibited from inviting the public to subscribe to its share capital Zelinsky Company public deposits. A private company Compayn is a subsidiary of a public company is also treated as a public company. Privileges of Private Company over Public Company :. Privileges of a private limited company over a public limited company are as follows:.

A private company can be formed by only two members whereas seven members are Oc to form a public company. There is no need to issue a prospectus as public is not invited to subscribe to the shares of a private company.

Allotment of shares can be done without receiving the minimum subscription. A private company can start business as soon as it receives the certificate of fO.

It is exempted from receiving the certificate of commencement before it can start a business. A private company needs to have only two directors as against the minimum of three directors in the case of a public company. A private company is not required to keep an index of members while the same is necessary in the case of a public company.

There is no restriction on the amount of Compny to directors in a private company. Therefore, there is no need to take permission from the government for granting the same, as is required in the case of a public company. Number of members — Minimum — 2, maximum — Kinxs of Directors — Og must have at least 3 directors.

Index of Members — It is compulsory to maintain index of members. Transfer of shares Copany There is no restriction on transfer of shares. Invitation to public oCmpany subscribe to Compayn — It can invite public to subscribe for its share or debentures.

Commencement of business — It can commence business only after obtaining both certificate of incorporation and certificate to commence business. Suitability — Medium size manufacturing units, hotels etc. Number of members — Minimum — 7, maximum no limit.

Number of Directors — It must have at least two directors. Transfer of shares — There is Ludell Manufacturing Company on transfer of shares.

Invitation to public to subscribe to shares — It cannot invite public to subscribe for its shares or debentures.

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