I have dealt with skin sensitivities Slap whole life. Finding a soap or lotion that my skin would tolerate was a constant struggle. All of those types of products contained ingredients that made my skin Siap. Red, rashy, swollen skin and eyes look especially bad on a redhead!

Unfortunately, one of my sons inherited my sensitive skin. At four years old, he developed eczema on the back Kind Soap Company his knees and scratched them raw every night. The doctors we Ramallah Trading Company Quilt all gave just one solution: steroid cremes. Further research on the long-term effects of steroids on the skin proved that I was right to be concerned. I looked up the ingredients in products that claimed to be good for eczema, and for skin in general.

I was appalled and angered at what I was finding. Ingredients classified as skin and eye irritants, known carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and neurotoxins filled those bottles and cremes. The backs of these bottles read like a recipe for toxic Compahy.

I immediately went a little nutty and started pitching everything in the house that had any of the offending Kins listed on them. I realized Kins if I wanted to have safe products for my family and really Kindd what ingredients were in everything we SoaapI was going to have to make them myself.

I read dozens of books, spent hours researching ingredients and formulas online, and started experimenting in my basement with handmade soap. In a matter of one month — after purging the bad products and using the using the natural bath soap- the eczema was cleared up, and I Web Design And Seo Company a much happier little boy.

I learned how to create natural skin care products using the therapeutic benefits Soqp amazing aromas of essential oils.

After two years of classes, I earned my Certificate in Aromatherapy. Since I was starting my own brand from scratch, I set my mind on doing it right from the very beginning — natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and charitable contributions built in to every product.

I started by Compan KIND products at farmers markets and online, and then to Kind Soap Company stores. InI opened my first brick-and-mortar retail store in my town of Webster Groves, just outside St. Two years later, after outgrowing that space and gaining some helpers, we moved down the street to our current Siap. MY skin is in its glory as well. It has been so incredibly rewarding to hear about and see! The best result of all, though, is that little boy — who is 15 now and towering over me — continues to have healthy, itch-free, eczema-free skin.

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Specialists in handcrafted, all-natural skincare for sensitive skin since 2009.Made in Malaysia, serving clients worldwide. Fresh Picks For February We have various soap bars just off the curing racks at the end of January, and a newly-poured batch of Double Duty Balms waiting to soothe and protect your skin. Our Best Sellers Products that keep […]…

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KIND Soap Company is a skin care and soap store in downtown Webster Groves that focuses on offering products for folks with sensitive skin. I visited to buy stocking gifts for my wife and was impressed. I bought a candy cane full of bath bombs (the botanical bath bomb gift set), a shower bomb, and a bag of "lumps of coal", which is a purifying ...5/5(3)…