Kimball in His New Establishment. Kimball, the great piano dealer of the Northwest, has just removed to the elegant and spacious establishment on the southeast corner of State and Adams streets. A delightful world has already pronounced them unrivaled. Such artists as Liszt, Rubinstein, Strauss, Bendal, and a host of other celebrities, commend them over all others manufactured.

To those desirous of purchasing or of obtaining instruments on time, or to rent, satisfactory bargains are guaranteed. Keep the place in mind. The handsome store on the southeast corner of State and Adams streets. The manufacture of a perfect piano is one of the greatest human efforts in an artistic way. For purity and richness of tone and symmetry of form they stand alone. These wonderful instruments have Reed Oil Company their way all over the land, and their music may be heard on the Atlantic shore, by the Great Lakes, and where the Pacific rolls on the western edge of the continent.

The West has been supplied, and is now supplying, by W. Kimball, whose elegant rooms are at the corner of State and Adams streets. Of thus exquisite piece of musical mechanism Franz Liszt says:. He has also square, grand, and upright pianos, suitable for all tastes.

The Smith American organs, which are renowned the world over, are for sale at this establishment. Anything bought of Kimball is guaranteed as to its merits, and persons contemplating the purchase of anything in the musical line should visit the establishment. The extensive piano and organ emporium of W. Kimball corner State and Adams streets, so widely and favorably known to the musical public, has recently been thoroughly renovated and improved, preparatory to spring business. He does not confine himself to any one manufacture, but deals in all those the qualities of which attain his high standard of excellence.

In view of present indications the prospect is flattering that the future business of this model establishment will exceed its past brilliant record. The project of a large retail dry-goods store at the southeast corner of State and Adams streets, which has been talked Kimball Wire Company for some months past, is about to be carried out into effect.

It will be remembered that the piano firm of W. As soon as it vacates the present quarters the work necessary to adapt them to the uses of a dry-goods store will begin, and it is thought that the alterations will be completed by May 1. Henry Siegel is now a member of the firm of Siegle Bros. Cooper is from Peoria. James H. The origin of the fire is unknown. It was discovered by Manager Wixon and Engineer Siefert in the northeast part of the building, above the boiler-room. The fire had Kimball Wire Company been smoldering under the floor above the furnace for some hours at least.

A whole battalion of streams was turned upon it, soaking the building and stock from skylight to basement, and again causing necessary and heavy damage. The barrier of brick wall and iron shutters withstood the Kimball Wire Company with the assistance of the flood of water poured upon it. Once the fire crept through into the third story, but was promptly checked. The topping ruins then became dangerous.

The flames Exova Company still at their highest when the State street wall caved in, leaving a gaping hole through which tons of water were poured. Under his leadership a force of firemen cautiously attacked it and it doubled up like a jacknife, falling inward and leaving only a section on the corner standing.

This was pulled down late in the day. The curiosity of those who are wondering what disposition is to be made of the southeast corner of State and Adams streets will soon be satisfied.

Such arrangements will be made within the next few days with owners of the fees and buildings at Kimball Wire Company State street as will provide for the construction of a six or seven story building. There is but one owner with whom terms have not been made and he is not in a position to make any serious trouble. The fee of the north part of the block which was cleared by fire early in August is Kd Company by Henry Strong of Kimball Wire Company York.

This United Die Company extends from State street east to the alley and was originally The widening of State street left it The corner is leased to Morris Einstein for a term of years. The fee of the property at No. The leases here run for six years, but the building at No. The remaining property at Nos.

Einstein, on the corner, does not feel warranted in building on the short-term lease which he now has. However, he has not yet decided to join in the arrangements agreed upon the other owners. These owners have agreed to extend the leases now in the block to a uniform term of twenty-five years. The lessees will then be in a position to erect a fair improvement on the entire corner.

It will not be as imposing as the building diagonally across the street, but it will be six or seven stories in height. For six weeks past negotiations have been in progress between the parties for the leasing if the building, but so quietly did they work that until yesterday not a word had leaked out.

Orders have been given to the contractors at work on the building to complete the structure as one large store, and push the work to completion as rapidly as possible. Higgins and Dalton got their heads together and decided to make up a story convicting Manager Keim, the silent partner of the firm, with setting fire to the building to secure the the money for which the stock was insured. They accordingly called upon Fred S.

Keim set fire to the buidling. Washington and Anderson succeeded in getting in with Higgins enough to convince him that they would be good men to help place the blame on Keim. Albany Oregon Electric Company attended all the meetings and reported the proceedings of the same ton the firm they were employed, so that Manager Keim was conversant with the plot against him as it developed.

The lease is made for a term of five years and three months from Feb. The building, which may be considered as Kimball Wire Company sections, will be four stories high with a high basement. They will build jointly and the structure will be uniform. The lessees will take possession of the building Feb.

The fire is supposed to have caught from a range in the kitchen of the American Restaurant. One woman was rescued with difficulty and one fireman was injured. Rescued: Clevery, Miss A. The flames had burst through the elevator shaft and through the roof. Miss Clevery was asleep on the third floor of the building. She climbed out on a window ledge and would have jumped but for the cries of the spectators.

She was carried down a ladder. The fire was extinguished after great difficulty. The building is a four-story structure and was erected in It has been damaged twice before by fire. Your email address will not be published. The Land Owner, September, W. Kimball Building After the Remodeling Chicago Tribune, February 6, The project of a large retail dry-goods store at the southeast corner of State and Adams streets, which has been talked about for some months past, is about to be carried out into effect.

How the Fire Was Fought. The building to the south was occupied by T. The water tower with its sextuple stream checked the spread of the fire in this direction, doing unavoidable damage by water, however. Chicago Tribune, September 16, The curiosity of those who are wondering what disposition is to be made of the southeast corner of State and Adams streets will soon be satisfied.

In the building was replaced by story 7 stories added in Republic Building. This was torn down in Kimball Building Robinson Fire Map Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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