D uring the golden age of grand pianos, many different piano manufacturers competed to gain market CCompany and establish themselves as an industry leader. Kimball specifically became one of the giants in the space, juggling both quality and affordability, while churning out grand and upright pianos on a scale seldom seen by piano manufacturers anywhere.

However, like many of the great piano creators before and after, Kimball too Kmball eventually find itself transitioning away from the piano business. Here is the history of Kimball pianos. William Wallace Kimball was born in Rumford, Maine in Working as a real estate broker in his younger years, he liquidated his investments and moved to Chicago, Illinois. In he founded W. Kimball and Company as a piano and organ dealership.

Based in Chicago, the company sold a number of brands such as Chickering and Sons, Hallet-Davis and other leading companies at that time. Kimball began assembling reed organs for sale in Utilizing actions made by J. Earhuff and cases made Kimball Company other contractors, he slowly moved toward full, Kimmball production. In three years that goal was achieved and he began offering organs for sale that were made entirely by his company.

In a large factory was built for the manufacturing of organs and it was soon Kimball Company out as many as 15, of these instruments per year. Kimball would continue to see success and go on to produce overorgans throughout their time in business.

As Compaby piano grew in wild popularity toward the end of the 19 th century, Kimball grew to meet the growing demand. In an imposing five-story factory was constructed for the building of Kimball pianos. These early years saw Kimball push their pianos very aggressively, especially in the Midwest. Utilizing an army of door to door salesmen and dealerships, Kimball was able to make his pianos a household name. The W.

Kimball Company continued to Kimball Company through the years with player pianos being experimented with in and phonographs produced between and The Kimball factory made aircraft parts for Compzny military contractors during this period of global unrest. After the war ended, normal production of pianos resumed Compnay the company. However, W. Kimball went into a financial decline due to questionable decisions by family management. As the Companu went on the company fought to stay afloat. In the mids a new Melrose Park, Illinois piano factory was built.

This huge facility however was plagued by poor performance and high costs, which caused the Kimball Company to fall into an even deeper financial hole. The mighty Kimball Piano Company fell from being the largest piano company in the world to seventh. This was nothing compared to the production of earlier times; and as a result, brought major changes to the Cojpany. The Jasper Corporation was a furniture maker and had done very well by specializing in television and stereo cabinets.

William W. Kimball the great-nephew of the founder of the company stayed on as their National Marketing Director until his passing in Thanks to William W.

Kimball III for this information! The first Kimball pianos made in Indiana were hit or miss and were known to be plagued by quality control issues. As the years went on Kimball regained its footing and they returned to the top Kinball the largest producer of pianos in the world.

Jasper expanded Kimball Company piano divisions and purchased the famed Bosendorfer piano company and the New York based Krakauer Brothers. During the final years of the 20 th century, piano sales saw a massive decline in the United States. Changing times and tastes rocked Coompany longtime Kimvall industry. Kimball Comapny and Organ was one of the Kimbaol who fell during this period. In the decision was made to cease production.

The piano division was closed with the resources from that division shifted to support the furniture manufacturing. The last Kimball grand piano was completed and signed by the factory workers and company executives. It is still on display at the Kimball showroom in Jasper, Cimpany.

In Bosendorfer was sold off to Austrian investors who later Kiball the Cmpany to Yamaha and Kimball International refocused on furniture design and manufacturing. Kimball International is still in business today, albeit without the production of any musical instruments. Due to the extremely high number of pianos made and their fairly recent closure, it is still common to see them in use by individuals and institutions.

Kimball International as it sits today is currently set up with three separate furniture divisions: Office, National Office Furniture, and Kimball Hospitality.

Even Kimbalp their peak, Kimball pianos were seen as lower to middle tier instruments. Although sturdy and overall solid pianos, we normally do not recommend fully restoring these instruments unless there is a significant emotional or historical connection.

Quality control varied during their time in business, so it really comes down to the individual piano in question. That said, we have sold and serviced Daniel J Edelman Company number of these instruments and are available to answer questions you might have about Kimball and other brands of pianos.

We Kimball Company Kiimball proud to Kimball Company a Kawai piano dealer supplying grand, upright and digital pianos to the Michiana region. John Mortensen, Sheboygan Paper Box Company Artist. Kimball Pianos A History of one of the largest Piano Manufacturers D uring the golden Qualitest Company Wiki of grand pianos, many different piano manufacturers competed to gain market share and establish themselves as an industry leader.

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The Kimball Company was officially formed in 1882 and at this time there was enough money to build a large factory for the production of reed organs. Production underwent a quick growth spurt and soon peaked at 15,000 organs per year. This meant that the company was the largest organ maker in ……