The recruit training battalion is responsible ensuring that each company is following the procedures set forth by the Recruit Training Regiment. Each company is responsible to follow the standards established by the Commandant of the Marine Corps to train, teach, mentor, and above all lead recruits through a demanding standard-based training system.

Provide reception, processing, and recruit training Das Trading Company male enlisted personnel following initial entry into the Marine Corps. 3rxthe MCRDSD was formally commissioned and init became the primary recruiting center for the west coast.

During World War II, the flow of recruits into Batalion base surged, Kilo Company 3rd Battalion 18, recruits arriving in one month. Recruit training includes a thirteen-week process during which the recruit becomes cut off from the civilian world and must adapt to a Marine Corps lifestyle.

During training, drill instructors train recruits in a wide variety of subjects including weapons training, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, personal hygiene and cleanliness, close order drill, and Marine Corps history.

The training emphasizes physical fitness, and recruits must attain a minimum standard of fitness to graduate by passing a Physical Fitness Test. Recruits must also meet minimum combat-oriented swimming qualifications, qualify in rifle marksmanship with the M16A4 service rifle, and pass a hour simulated combat exercise known as "The Crucible". Unlike 2s Company Cabins at Parris Island, recruits must leave the depot to conduct field training.

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