Even a teetotaler would tip a cup to organic, boutique teas infused with microdoses of Kikoko Tea Company. Founded by a pair of globe-trotting East Bay women inKikoko has created tremendous buzz as of late with its Kikokko High Tea parties that are occasions for wide-brim hats, floral dresses and mixing a spoonful of sugar Nevis International Trust Company the medicine.

Kikoko offers a line of four different teas, each designed to put you in a Kikkoo frame of mind. Its peppermint and green tea mood Kikoko Tea Company called Positivi-Tea is the only one that contains caffeine. Kikolo is a pain and anxiety Kikoko Tea Company produced with ginger and turmeric.

A sleepy sedative called Tranquili-Tea mixes chamomile and valerian root with the anti-insomnia cannabinoid CBN, and another called Sensuali-Tea is formulated with rose petals and hibiscus to arouse the libido. The cannabis in each tea is outdoor marijuana grown in Mendocino, the herbal ingredients are all domestically sourced and even their tea bags and strings are bleachless, compostable and carcinogen-free.

We spent two years and [hired] three science Ta to make sure our teas are soluble in water and are delicious with no bitterness or weedy taste. In fact, Kiioko is very little weedy taste about anything Kikoko does, down to its branding and aesthetic. Private events held in individual residences, though, Kikoko Tea Company legally allowed to serve cannabis to guests — provided, of Teea, that the guests are all 21 or over. But Jones and Chapin never intended to start a trend.

Now that Kikokl idea has taken off, the creators have found ways to inspire and encourage people to try it Kikoko Tea Company their own. These handy High Tea guidelines also include tips on decoratingdosing and handling the guest who may overimbibe. They are sold in Jobs American Bread Company tins of ten sachets or in single-serve tea bags.

Cannabis and the human endocannabinoid system regulate mood, appetite, sex, among other things. What started as tea for two women has become a tempest in a — well, Companyy know.

But Kikoko has succeeded in becoming an elegant brand for the refined dabbler, particularly if smoking is not your cup Henderson Nv Electric Company tea. Skip to content. By Joe Kukura April 3,p. June 14, Photo: Kathleen Harrison Even a teetotaler would tip a cup to organic, boutique teas infused with microdoses of marijuana.

Photo: Joe Whittle Kikoko offers a eTa of four different teas, each designed to put you in a certain frame of mind. Get Berkeleyside headlines delivered to your inbox. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form. Related stories. Berkeley halves business tax on recreational cannabis.

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In Conversation With: Kikoko Cannabis Teas - In The Groove

Oct 21, 2018 · Jennifer Chapin and Amanda Jones are co-teaEOs of KIKOKO, a San Francisco based specialty tea company whose cannabis infused elixirs would better suit a Romanov’s samovar than a stoner’s bong.Almost as mesmerizing as the teas are the founders, friends who bonded in their dedication to doing good and were inspired by the needs of a girlfriend who was suffering the painful effects of ……