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Island Parent Online. Post all your questions, comments, ideas, hints and Kids And Company Daycare Reviews concerning child care. If you are looking for, or offering child care services, this is the place to share your information. Moderators: Glowingtouch, kattnipp. While it includes snacks and meals, it seems exorbitant! Please feel free to private message me.

This is WAY to expensive unless you make 6 figures. I am in shock this is robbery they should be ashamed of themselves for robbing parents. K programs at St. Margaret's and GNS i. I can't imagine how their model would work in that context.

That pass is good for 15 days of childcare. Where is the money going!?! I know someone who has been super happy with the care their 1 year old receives. Apparently it's very cookie cutter type of care. From my understanding is that head office sends out the plans of the day to all their centers. I am a nurse and NO daycares are able to work around a nurse's rotation. Because I work part time and a rotation we only need days per month.

Kids And Company Daycare Reviews if this place accomodates shift workers Japan Victor Company, I may consider Kids And Company Daycare Reviews. As long as my child is happy and in a safe place with caring workers that I can trust, I will be happy. It is so sad when parents expect that when they are enrolling their child in a licensed daycare they are receiving quality care.

Licensing should be on top of these sub-standard childcare providers. So I went in looking for a backup daycare at this facility for my 3year old I would not recommend this place! I am speaking for the preschooler group only year old could be different for other groups What I was flabbergasted by was the amount of attention the 2 ECE were giving to children The other ECE asked the children who wants to go in the other play area all of the children jumped I personally think a line should have been made instead of just gathering everyone and opening the metal gate to let them out!

I saw many times children were pushing each other on the slide and the educator was just watching I Properties West Management Company San Pedro saw that child was being changed without a change pad!!!!

ECE did not ask children to wash their hands before lunch was served and after outside play area My daughter was riding the bike and she was constantly running into other children I kept on guiding Unified Insurance Company where to go I felt really bad for the children there I brought this to the directors attention Maybe I am over thinking?

We have been attending this daycare since Novemeber on a part time basis as we couldn't afford the fulltime prices. We aren't in a preschool room tho in a toddler room and have to say we are very very pleased. I get that. I am sorry your first impression wasn't so good. Current Issues. Featured Businesses. Upcoming Events. Fantastic Fridays at St. Luke Cedar Hill St. Luke's Hall.

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Working at KIDS & COMPANY: Employee Reviews

I like kids and company compare to other company but the only problem is the salary and too many works. Above all the director makes you more stressful than your paper works. She doesn’t know how to take care and support her employee but making her employee down. Working at kids and company for almost 3 years I only got $15.91 per hour.3.2/5(131)…