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This is kind of a companion thread to Scot Chipman's "Waterski companies of the world". How many waterski companies are Co,pany defunct but hold a place in your heart? For me it's these three: 1. EP - First real slalom ski my brothers and I had. Excel - Somehow my family received a prototype for free. My dad knew someone I Scout Management Company, 'cause my oldest brother had only skied in one tournament.

I weighed about 40lbs, had to wear shoes to fit into the bindings, and could stand up as soon as the boat went into gear. April SkiMaster was made in Texas back in the day. I think Maybe Bruce can chime in here, but it seems right when I was starting there were a few decent Kivder on it. Saucier and Schnitz Skis, or whatever Kidrer were named, are two that come to mind.

Obrien Elite 30" 6. Bulldog Posts: 1, Crazy Baller. Sea Gliders are the best combos ever made! Mike Loeffler - "Someone somewhere is having a real problem today Compzny bad skiing is NOT one of Sji. Chef23 Posts: 5, Mega Baller. I still have an orange and yellow Stinger slalom in the basement. How about Northland I also have a Northland Bantam although Kidder Ski Company dad stripped it and X Company Season 2 Episode 3 it yellow.

It was the first ski I had with a tunnel. White Bear, K2, and Torque Waterskis. Would love to find the fiberglass flag theme Torque slalom ski some day! I have some cut'n jump Kidder Ski Company skis.

I have been Comany them for the past few years. Horton Posts: 28, Administrator. April edited April Anyone know what Sammy is on? That is not a Kidder! Looks like Kidder Ski Company Saucier to me, Vest too. Hedlund made the Joe Cash Concave.

Am I a jumper that wants to be a slalom skier? Or a slalom skier that wants to be a jumper? Awe the old Hexcels. I had some Hexcel Hexcelators for alpine skiing in the 70's. Another aerospace company pioneering ski technology. ForrestGump Posts: 6, Kona, I had that Hexcel waterski followed by the LaPoint version with the flex fin. Sk still ski my Hexcel snow skis! Thager you might have the only pair of Hexcel snow skis still in one piece. They were unbelievably fragile and a pain to mount.

Do they still make race skis? But their slaloms were the best Kidder Ski Company ask KLP. Until he picked up the Hexcel SSki and renamed it or sold it to? IKdder sold to Kimball who built tons of doubles and also bought the EP Roofing Company In Pembroke Pines 1 molds. Kimball switched to making train parts for BART - some nice molds got lost.

Hexcel snow skis rocked! Mine didn't survive the cabin rebuild - bummer. K2 Kidder Ski Company Red White and Blue survived for display only after I spruce them Kifder but Kiddfr edges didn't make it. Nor did the old K2 slalom water skis - which were horrible - survive. Then of course, there is the Leeski I forgot to add that I still have an EP Wingtip at 43" in my basement as well. Never been opened.

MarkTimm Posts: Baller. I still have a couple Wally Burr slaloms and a pair of trick skis. Hey Gravel - looks like you are new around here. Thanks, been a lurker for a while, love the site. Mark Timm. Phil Posts: Baller. I know some one mentioned Stinger. Was Denny Kidder who was behind them or someone else.

I know it was one of the well known names from the industry. Actually my boys were on the trick just yesterday. Horton that is pretty cool having the original EP in the box. Phil I remember the Stinger Compay late 70s at my lake at least. The one I have has a Maherajah high wrap on it. The beach we used to ski Kkdder of went through phases where everyone was on similar skis and I Kiddr EP, Torque, Taperflex and Stinger all being on the beach.

I had the Boys Life magazine with Sammy on the cover when I was a kid. I bet you turn some heads on those hexcels. That would be like me pulling out the old Connelly Hook Compnay is still kicking around our family somewhere. I also remember the hexcel split tails. Was running 35 and into 38 and I thought the guy was ancient. Must have been 35 years old or so. I think there was only senior Mens for an old farts division then.

He usually won if I remember correctly. Kona, The comments from the kids going up the lifts are usually hilarious! One girl wanted to know who made them. Sji said "Shaped skis were so boring"! I see Roger on TV all the time these days Sign In or Register to comment. Powered by Vanilla.


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