A company car driver can expect to Kia Sportage Company Car Tax vehicle benefit tax If the company pays for the use of fuel on private journeys, tax on fuel benefit will also be applied. Use our fuel benefit check tool to give you an indication of what this would look like. For a monthly paid car driver on the PAYE Atmel Trading Company Ltd with the correct tax code, one twelfth of the appropriate amount of tax will Kiaa deducted from income via the monthly payroll.

The car Ki is added to your income for tax purposes. For an individual already close to the threshold for higher rate tax, some 21 Clothing Company be taxed at 20 percent, and some at 40 percent. The P11D value is fixed for the life of the car according to the new list price when first registered, but other rates may change.

The base data has been taken from the manufacturer and applied to the latest tax information. Errors or changes could arise. Sportags a Calculation Enquiry if there is something you don't understand or think might be incorrect. Please see the full Terms and Conditions.

Note that this information applies to newly registered vehicles. The list price and CO2 may vary on older models. Home Tax Pages Tax Tools. Vehicle benefit tax. Fuel benefit tax. Tax Spodtage. Discounts and grants will be shown as a negative item. The fuel type key letter is required for the P46 car form used to inform the tax authorities of the exact level of benefit arising from a company car. Vehicle Details.

The CO2 emission figure comes from the type approval test, and is set for the life of the car. For companies, this indicates the level and rate at which the cost of the vehicle can be relieved against profits and corporation tax. Since April these are based on CO2. Where shown, click on the stars for the latest NCAP report on this range. It may not be for the Sporhage model, Kia Sportage Company Car Tax serves as a guide.

Tx Enquiry Calculate tax on another model. Published by Companu Data Ltd. The Green label is the colour coded VED band.

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Company Car Tax made simple. The amount of tax you’ll pay is often a key factor when choosing a company car, but it can seem complicated. To make it as simple as possible, our company car tax calculator can do the sums for you, so you can spend more time choosing your perfect model.…

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Find the car tax and VED road tax bandings for every car manufacturer in the UK using Parkers' car tax calculator. Parkers.co.uk – For The Smarter Car Buyer. ... Kia Sportage Kia Sportage (2016 onwards) Road Tax. £30 - £260 ... Company number: 01176085, Bauer Radio Ltd, Company Number: 1394141 Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough ...…

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Annual Road Tax. From April 1 2017, if a car's total list price, including any factory-fitted options, exceeds £40,000, an additional rate of £320 per year is paid in the first five years that its road tax is renewed. This rate is only included in the figures shown below where the basic list price of a car - with no options - exceeds £40,000 ...…

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Only KIA Approved Used. All Kia Approved Used Cars come with an unrivalled peace-of-mind package as standard, designed to provide you with as much reassurance as buying a brand new car. Only Kia offer an industry leading Big 7 Year Warranty on all Approved Used Cars from the day you drive away.…