Kier Group plc is a UK constructionservices and property group active in building and civil engineeringsupport services, public and private housebuilding, land development and the Private Finance Initiative. Kia Building Company in in Stoke-on-Trent it initially specialised in concrete engineering before expanding into general contracting and house-building.

Kier was listed as a public company on the London Stock Exchange from until it was acquired by Beazer in After a period under the ownership of Hanson Betty K Shipping Company Nassauit was bought out by its management inexpanded its housing interests, and was relisted Buildig the London Stock Exchange in During the early 21st century, it expanded through acquisitions, and in September Kier was ranked, by turnover, as the second biggest UK construction contractor, behind Balfour Beatty.

OCmpany few years later Lotz withdrew from the company, but Olaf Kier retained a semblance of his identity by including Lotz's initials in the organisation's new name, J. By the late s Kier had moved its head office to Belgravia in Westminsterand thereby became neighbours to many of Britain's leading construction engineering Buildinng and contractors, who had formed a substantial coterie in Westminster for professionals and businessmen engaged in civil engineering. Immediate Buioding included Marples Ridgeway builders of Hammersmith Flyover and Edmund Nuttall builders of both Mersey road tunnels.

During its first 35 years, Kier became identified with certain civil engineering specialisms, such as contiguous cylindrical reinforced concrete grain silos and cement silos, using continuously sliding formwork; commencing with those at Barking infollowed by grain silos at Northampton, Peterborough, Melksham, Gloucester and Witham; and cement silos at Norwich, Cambridge, Trinidad, and in India.

Such specialist work was part of a pattern that quickly developed in the company's operations during that period, namely the undertaking of innovative, state-of-the-art civil engineering techniques at the forefront of modern technology.

In the same period, only this time in the building sector, Kier were in the vanguard of new reinforced concrete systems for use as framework for tall buildings. They were responsible for the reinforced concrete and general building. When this project was completed in it became widely renowned Comoany the finest example of this form of construction for residential purposes. When Le Bujlding himself visited Highpoint in he said, "This beautiful building Olaf Kier sought to retain family leaders at the head of the organisation.

However, his son by his first marriage was killed in a Best Smartphone Company 2019 accident in Then, during the s, Olaf's nephew, Mogens Kier, joined the firm's management structure, but did not progress to a leading position in the company. Olaf died in an accident inaged 87; and Mogens died in Its offer for shares was many times oversubscribed.

The Kier family retained a significant majority of the holding. In Kier Kia Building Company with W. French to form French Kier but within the French division there were heavy losses on fixed-price motorway contracts and land development. A long-serving Kier engineer, John Mott, was appointed chief executive in order to revive the group's fortunes. Following an abortive bid for Abbey inKitex Company Job Vacancy Kier itself was the subject of a Koa contested bid by Beazerwhich One Hour Air Conditioning Company succeeded in January Five years later Hanson plc bought Beazer plc [18] and made an early decision to dispose of the contracting arm, now known simply as Kier.

This was the subject of a management buyout in July[19] with Hanson retaining a 10 per cent stake. This was followed by acquisitions of the southern division of Miller Homes inBellwinch inand Allison Homes in ByKier housing sales were over 1, units a year. Shares were also subject to renewed 'shorting'. Kier also highlighted "volume pressures" in its highways, utilities and housing maintenance markets. CEO Andrew Davies's business review included 1, job cuts.

The continuing restructuring had resulted in over lay-offs, with a further roles set to be axed. The cost-cutting process begun in had cut 1, jobs with another 50 set to leave by 30 June The sale of Kier Living was in progress, as was the process of closing Kier's Tempsford Hall head office.

These are further split into smaller companies. Projects involving the company have included Highpoint I completed in 805 Brewing Company, [79] the North Terminal at Gatwick Airport completed in[80] the Lesotho Highlands Water Project completed in[81] Hairmyres Hospital completed in[82] High Speed 1 completed in[83] the Castlepoint shopping centre in Bournemouth in[84] the UK Supreme Court in London completed in [85] and Snowhill Phase 2 in Birmingham completed in Kier was revealed as a subscriber to the UK's Consulting Associationexposed in for operating Transport Logistics Company illegal construction industry blacklistand was among 14 issued with enforcement notices by the UK Information Commissioner's Office.

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