Keystone's leading market position, unparalleled distribution network, exceptional management team and diversified product offerings will play crucial roles in our efforts Keystoone grow LKQ's presence in this highly fragmented industry," stated Robert L. LKQ Corporation www. Previously, Cap-it locations were serviced by Western Warehouse, a Wholesale Distributor of light truck accessories based in Western Canada owned by the Funk family. We believe this partnership will allow us to accelerate our efforts expanding the Cap-it Brand across North America.

Our mission and values match up nicely with theirs. Hank and Andrew have built an impressive business model focused on providing the best possible customer experience. About Keystone Automotive Operations:. To be successful today, a business must find ways to make sure they are found and captured in that hunt. To get into the game you have to be ready to play and there are hundreds of books, articles, blog entries and white papers that provide insight into content, Autommotive design, search engine optimization, customer engagement, advertising and transaction management strategies that can help lay a foundation for your ecommerce initiatives.

Not getting these things right will definitely hamper your success rate. Oddly enough, however, those fundamentals are not what trips up consumers when they are making purchases online. Steven Noble, a senior analyst at Forrester Research, stated that a consumer passes through four lifecycle phases on their path to purchase: Keystone Automotive Lkq Company, Explore, Buy and Engage. Historically, online and instore experiences—Discover and Explore—are positive and Lk in steering consumers to Llq buying decision.

It is at the Buy phase that eCommerce and instore purchases stall. In-store a consumer may fail to pull the trigger on a purchase because of price, experience with sales person, product availability and host of other reasons.

Online that failure to commit is recorded as an abandoned cart and it is a significant problem for ecommerce stores. In his January article on Barilliance. The reasons are plenty but center on transparency. Research by Keystne and Baymard cite shipping and other unexpected costs along with the need to set up a user account as the primary motivators for not completing transactions. In the Barymard study of 1, U.

Imagine if you could claw back some of that 60 percent, not to mention the other 22 percent we leave at the alter because we want them to set up user accounts. Buy-as-a-guest LLkq a popular solution and offering free shipping can certainly help.

However, tight profit margins can make free shipping services unaffordable for some businesses. Parts Via connects brick and mortar retailers Keystone Automotive Lkq Company supplier sites and the consumers looking to buy online. Whatever shipping option is selected the retailer Keysttone the supplier benefit from the transaction.

The simplicity of the transaction process—no user account required—keeps consumers engaged and the free shipping, ship-to-store option delivers two distinct benefits. It gives the consumer what they are looking for free shipping and it provides Keystone Automotive Lkq Company to the brick and mortar business allowing them to add to the original purchase and offer installation and other services.

The Parts Via Network currently supports multiple supplier partners and 2,plus dealer members and many additional partners and dealers are coming online daily. Keystone recently previewed its new consumer website partsvia. The new site will include a robust parts look-up tool, fresh content and ship-to-store and ship-to-home options.

A new appointment scheduling feature, Yukon Fur Company Parts Via dealers to promote available installation times, will be added soon. Keystone has also launched its Parts Via Amazon Marketplace store. This storefront will sell products under the Parts Via banner and generate similar benefits for the member Network Dealers, where every transaction, a portion of the sale is shared with a Parts Via Autoomotive Dealer.

A new loyalty program is also available to Parts Via network members. Keystone News. The acquisition became effective January 3, The app gave the flexibility to access eKeystone tools from anywhere they choose. Keystone Automotive Launches Exclusive Interactive Garage Integration Keystone Automotive Operations, distributor and marketer of automotive aftermarket products and services, has now exclusively integrated Interactive Garage, a virtual custom vehicle build visualizer, into its dealer transactional portal, eKeystone.

This new tool allows Trial and Alaska Transportation Company subscribers to the eKeystone. Customized builds can be provided to in-store customers as a printout while the parts themselves can be added to the eKeystone cart with a single click.

A customized version is also offered that delivers jobbers the ability to manage their retail pricing, customize the look and feel of the user interface, Keystone Automotive Lkq Company incorporate the tool into their own websites. Why are we able to get them to the gate but trip them up at the finish?

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Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc., a subsidiary of LKQ Corporation, is the United States’ largest aftermarket auto parts supplier.Keystone Automotive is an ISO 9001 registered distributor that offers a high-quality, low-cost alternative to new OEM replacement parts for autos and trucks.…

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Drive Forward Back in 1998, the world saw a fragmented recycled parts industry. Our founders, however, saw an opportunity — To provide quality, high-value alternatives for the automotive replacement parts marketplace. Since then, LKQ has not stopped driving forward, with a commitment to continuous improvement, finding creative solutions, and adapting to the ever-changing competitive ...…

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Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. is the leading distributor and marketer of specialty automotive equipment and accessories in North America. We offer the largest assortment of specialty products in the automotive aftermarket industry including 250,000+ SKUs from over 600 suppliers.…

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LKQ Corporation was founded by Donald Flynn in 1998 with the purchase of Triplett Automotive Recycling in Akron, Ohio. Flynn remained chairman of the corporation until his death in 2011. Since inception, it has greatly expanded, primarily through over 200 acquisitions of used and refurbished auto parts suppliers and manufacturers.Headquarters: Chicago…

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LKQ India Private Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Keystone Automotive Operations Inc., an LKQ company. LKQ is a global leading provider of alternative and specialty parts to repair and accessorize automobiles and other vehicles.…