The company was chartered in and is an admitted auto insurance carrier domiciled in Kansas. They operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Med James, Inc. They have been in business since Their headquarters is located in Shawnee, KS. Products are sold through independent agents.

Auto insurance is the only products available from Key, but they offer no information whatsoever about this product on the company website. Although there is an agent login — which makes it clear the company does use agents — there is no Whats A Good Health Insurance Company to search for a local agent to assist with further product information.

Not surprisingly, the option to obtain a rate quote for this insurance company online is not possible — as we noted, there is not even an agent locator to direct potential customers to the appropriate place to obtain a quote.

A general toll-free number is listed, and we can only assume this will direct to a customer service representative that can assist with quoting. The Key Insurance website does have an instruction page for what to do in the event of an accident, but there is no information in regards to how to file a claim.

Again, the toll-free main line appears to the access point for all questions, including those regarding claims. Key Insurance Company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau BBBwhich is the result of nine complaints filed against them and four to which they did not respond. While nine complaints overall is generally not a lot, we cannot judge it in relation to the size of the company since we have no information in that area. The BBB has deemed it to be worthy of their lowest Ian Kelly Clothing Company ranking.

The BBB page also has 13 negative reviews citing poor customer service and failure to pay claims. Key Insurance offers little to no information about the company or its products, and it has the lowest possible rating from the BBB.

For a list of companies Key Insurance Company Claims Phone Number we recommend, visit our Best Insurance Companies page. I am a former insurance agent and banker turned consumer advocate. My priority is to help educate individuals and families about the different types of insurance they need, and assist them in finding the best place to get it.

Currently dealing with Key Insurance due to one of their drivers hitting my car and fleeing the scene. I work Hl Leonard Rod Company customer service and I know how the customer should be treated and this is completely unacceptable.

Key Insurance [redacted] me over. I just paid my next 30 days today. I am for sure going before my next bill an switching to a new company. I will say though… I have liability and it is affordable. Worst company ever! We represent a client that was hit by a Key insured. We already filed the suit and will see them in court. Done playing games with this company and their half-[redacted] adjusters.

The Key İnsurance is the worst insurance I have ever seen. Someone must shut down this insurance immediately. We live in Alabama. We are currently dealing with Key Insurance.

One of their clients hit 6 vehicles, one of Key Insurance Company Claims Phone Number was my sons truck, and yes it is done. Bent the frame pretty good. He was traveling at a high rate of speed while under the influence of drugs.

One car had 2 babies in it. Same person. So maybe he will get somewhere. Going to go to Ruffatti Organ Company Insurance Commission if no help within a week. Have yet Vestige Company Owner read a positive thing about Key insurance and I understand why.

Keys appraiser told me how she had been raised with her dad in a body shop and knew how to appraise vehicles and had no affiliation with Key insurance which was BS. Upon telling me what her appraisal was they would only pay half of the total, even though their client was at fault. The claims agent at Key was rude and tried to over talk me every time I Wifi Phone Company to say something.

I strongly suggest before trying to deal with Key insurance get a lawyer. My daughter was stopped in traffic on a highway and was hit by a Key insured at a high speed. Her new SUV was totaled but thankfully the new safety features protected her from long term injuries. I responded to their very low offer with a detailed assessment showing that the basis for the low offer was severely flawed.

I have countless emails documenting all my calls and emails to them, so my records are strong, but suing them will just prolong the pain. Hope that person who plowed into my daughter on the highway enjoys those cheap premiums! Any hope in filing a complaint with the insurance commission?

The other route I would recommend when dealing with a potential settlement of that size is to involve an attorney. I was involved in a very serious accident were a key insured driver going over 70 MPh slammed into the back of me when all traffic was stopped on the freeway. My case worker is conveniently at the doctors today and has been out all week but the voice-mail says all messages before 3pm will be returned the same day. I have had key insurance for quite a few years i am happy with the coverage but there is a lot that i am not at all happy with i have been on a SR for over 6 years i ask about how long i am to be on it and well they just do not know.

I happen to have liability insurance, a Key Insurance insured was at fault but his insurance company Key thinks their frustration will pull me off the case. These idiots are so frustrating, i wonder how much their customers pay for insurance.

I am in the same situation. I was involved in a car accident back in April. The driver insured by Key was cited with a ticket and per the police report puts their insured driver at fault. Through this process I always had to call.

They would never give me an update. So the first person that was handling this case at Key Insurance got fired or quit but I was never updated on the switch to a new case manager. Now I am being told that they are claiming not liable. It took them 4 months to come to this conclusion??? I think not. I am just getting the run around and am now going to have to take them to court.

This Insurance company is a joke and would highly recommend staying away. A drunk driver with Key insurance plowed into my back wall 4 months ago. Key insurance has been giving me the run around for 4 months. I sent them the estimates and the police report.

They suck! This is the worst insurance company i have ever ran into. They expect you to make an on-time payment, Kingdom Nutrition Company their computer system fails to log you in. And if you are unable to process a payment, then they want to drop your coverage, because you are unable to do so.

I have never seen anything like this before. This is not the first time this has happen, but i WILL make sure this is the last. Both accidents were not might fault, so unfortunately, by law in kansas; my insurance co has to pay pip first.

I made arrangements to have [Redacted] confer and work with state farm when i found out key insurance should have paid first then 407 Etr Concession Company Limited Ontario farm, so i made the necessary info availble to state farm to assist [Redacted].

I am already stressed and without work awaiting surgeries, she makes Zoya Company health worse. I regret having key insurance and hopefully others will add their comments and get this lady and maybe company ousted. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Premiums Claims Feedback Financial Strength. Compare Insurance Quotes. Currently Insured?

Table of Contents. Comments Currently dealing with Key Insurance due to one of their drivers hitting my car and fleeing the scene. The adjuster refused to speak with me or call me Key Insurance Company Claims Phone Number. Getting a rental through them has not been an easy process.

Misinformation has been given to me, the collision company and the rental company. Key insurance is the worst. I will be canceling my policy as soon as next month. Help for what??? Best, Eric Stauffer. Yes they are a crap company. I agree. But what you said makes no sense. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Key Risk is a member company of Berkley, whose member insurance companies are rated A+ (Superior), Financial Size Category XV by A.M. Best Company and A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s. Products and services are provided by one or more insurance company subsidiaries of W. R. Berkley Corporation.…