Make FireRescue1 your homepage. When introduced inKey Hose Company set new standards for ergonomic, lightweight, high quality, double-jacketed attack lines.

TRU-ID combines an exclusive true internal diameter of 2. TRU-ID is ideally suited for high rise applications and Key Hose Company caliber attack line operations. Premium double jacket construction offers higher abrasion and puncture resistance for maximum dependability. The exclusive tru-tuned diameter is guaranteed to wash out kinks and deliver targeted flow rates while providing the nozzleman increased mobility with less fatigue. At Key, we are constantly looking for ways to provide firefighters solutions to the everchanging challenges Key Hose Company face.

These anodized, threaded expansion ring couplings are guaranteed for the life of the hose. Classic performance in an innovative design and rugged construction guaranteed to withstand the rigors of the fire ground for years to come. TRU-ID from the hose experts, Key Hose — get your hands on it and seize the power of targeted flows with command and control performance. Visit keyhose. About Key Hose, Inc. With over three decades of service, Key Fire Hose is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of woven jacketed and rubber covered fire hose products.

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Key Hose, now a division of KFH Industries, was established in 1988 in Miami, Florida by Charles Genthner. Charlie began with 16 looms purchased from Europe and transformed Key Hose into the largest manufacturer of hose and related products in the world.…

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