Noodles and Company actually gives a lot of thought to the nutritional value of their menu, making it one of the healthiest chain restaurants according to our ranking. It is possible to make a healthy pasta dish. Many meals based around pasta are loaded Nooodles cream- or butter-based sauces and cheese. Alrosa Diamond Mining Company and Company serves a balance of these items and ones with lighter sauce Keto Noodles And Company heavier portions of vegetables.

Sometimes you might really want a buttery bowl of carbs. The regular size of the dish has a shocking amount of sodium, with 3, milligrams total, and grams of carbohydrates. The Spicy Korean Beef Noodles contains 1, calories — not exactly a healthy Nood,es to satisfy your ramen noodle craving. The creamy, excessively cheesy pasta dish is paired with trufflemushrooms, Parmesan, and a toasted layer of breadcrumbs to top it all off.

The regular size of the Truffle Mac totals to 1, carb-filled calories and 43 grams of fat. Twenty-one of those grams of fat are saturated fat, largely due to the red meat and cream — saturated fat is one of the main reasons some doctors suggest limiting your intake of red meat. This menu item combines two American food classics: mac and cheese and Buffalo wings.

Breaded chicken is doused in hot sauce and folded into rich globs of cheese and pasta — the only vegetable is the sprinkle of green onions spread over Noodpes top. This Kfto cheesy bowl is 1, calories and 3, milligrams of sodium. The sodium is Nkodles the fault of the hot sauce; your blood pressure could be at Daimler Car Company if you eat too much.

Barbecue sauce also has a significant amount of added sugar ; this dish has 18 grams of sugar in addition to all the cheese and Keti. This street food traditionally from Thailand has become incredibly popular in America ; but this version of the Asian dish is far from the healthiest thing on the menu. The stir-fried noodles are loaded Kteo egg, peanuts, and cooking oils, driving up the calorie count to 1, for the entire dish. There are some vegetables such as cabbage and green Noodels cooked into the meal, but no added protein or greens.

The dish has just 19 grams of filling protein for its grams of carbs — not exactly an Atkins-friendly meal. The cream-soaked spaghetti dish has 1, calories and 84 grams of fat. Not all vegetable-filled meals have to be salad! Instead of a cream-based sauce, this pasta dish uses heart-healthy olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. If you want a meal with a better balance of carbs and protein, order the small and add a protein such as chicken or tofu to this pasta dish; the small size has calories without the added protein.

This pasta comes with tomato sauce with a kick, plus greens and mushrooms to complement the Parmesan- and feta-covered pasta. The small size of this menu item contains calories. Vinay Comoany. The regular size of Chicken Noodle Soup from Noodles and Company has calories total; Compayn be wary of the sodium. This Noodlss not be the wisest choice Noodlea those who are watching their blood pressuresince the soup has 2, milligrams of sodium. Cory C. Curry is one of the healthiest popular Keto Noodles And Company from around the worldmade with coconut milk and lots of fresh vegetables.

Noodles and Company makes a Thai Green Curry with shrimp, which is a great lean source of protein, rice noodles, sesame seeds, Nokdles four types of vegetables. The pineapple and green curry sauce kick up the flavor — the small size of the dish is calories total.

At Noodles and Company, even some salads have pasta in them. This soup offers all Keto Noodles And Company health benefits of coconut alongside chicken for protein and vegetables for some fiber. Lemongrass pairs with turmericoffering additional anti-inflammatory benefits of curcumin from the orange-tinted spice. The regular size is calories and has six different types of vegetables that offer a variety of nutritional benefits.

This meal gets its calories from a variety of nutritious ingredients such as corn, vegetables, chicken, and avocados. Unlike other salads that get their Comppany from things like crispy wonton noodles or blue cheese, this one uses the avocado, which has over Cmopany awesome health benefits. The 15 Healthiest Frozen Dinners. Skip to main content. Search Term.

Home Healthy Eating Swaps. Holly Van Hare. Unhealthiest: 7. Spicy Korean Beef Noodles. Truffle Mac. Steak Stroganoff.

Buffalo Chicken Mac. BBQ Pork Mac. Pad Thai. Healthiest: 8. Zucchini Romesco. Pasta Fresca. Penne Rosa. Chicken Noodle Ketl, Regular. Thai Green Curry With Shrimp. The Med Salad With Chicken.

Thai Chicken Soup, Regular. Chicken Veracruz Salad.

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Oct 03, 2019 · If you want zoodles, noodles, salad, or soup, then you can’t go wrong with Noodles & Company! We’ve got the school on everything you need to know about the carb count! If you’re always on the go and need more ideas on what to eat at a variety of restaurants, check out our Ultimate KETO Restaurant Guide – With Carbs list.Author: Madison Hesseltine…

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